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Okay, so hold me out for a second. I love the Beatles as much as I love ponies. And that's saying something. Recently, I had an idea. A ponification of famous Beatles albums and rewriting lyrics, changing names, settings, and other things. My first album would be Sgt. Pepper. I'm calling this Sergeant Pinkie's Lonely Hooves Club Band. And I need singers. And people who can cut out the singing and mix the two together. Don't worry, you will get credit. I wish you and I luck, and hope to see the aftermath.
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>> No. 42565
This is actually already being done, as far as I know.
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File 135098684951.png - (206.82KB , 686x805 , 131221933953.png )
And I'm pretty sure they have literally already covered every single song in the Beatles discography.
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Damn it.
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File 135102665767.png - (82.42KB , 320x320 , Pinkie_Shrug-(n1298097032777).png )
I already knew about the Beatle Brony, but I wanted to give him a bit of competition. I honestly thought I could do it. Oh well.
>> No. 42587
Sorry Bilbo. It was a really active project on here about a year ago (>>26709). I believe they used that very pic at one point.
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