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Ok, so my most recent attempt was a bust, but i have an idea, what if i had context?

So I thought id use season three as my base. So what id like to do is this

>Gather fan made pony videos
>Save them to a play-list on SyncTube
>Screen them prior to season three's release

Which is why i need your help, any fan made video you can think of would be cool.
But so we don't burn everyone out, lets keep the time frame between three to two hours long

Kindest regards

Shem Dttmer
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>> No. 42571
File 135098237360.jpg - (10.47KB , 308x324 , schockiert.jpg )
With manureloads of ponyvids this is hard.
I'd suggest you either divide into subcategories (like PMVs, technicality stuff like Breaking Down Animation vids, parody content, reactions to or documents about MLPFiM, stuff from Cons) or provide us some contentwise direction.
>> No. 42572
File 135098272157.png - (145.66KB , 464x499 , 131670418099.png )

Ok, so lets go with pmv's and animations (with the obvious .mov series)
>> No. 42574
Ponycraft 2, The Hayngover(trailers), Pony Polka(1-5)Poker Face, Double Rainbow, Crazy Loop, Double Rainboom Syndrome(musicvideo), pony randomness, (pony poops),
Direct parody videos, Meet the Manticore, Guile's theme goes with everything, Serious Luna, Pinkie and the Brain, Pinkazoid, Gurren Laggan, Real Bronies of Genius.
Vector crap: Polka is Magic Loop, Pinkiequest, [insert anime]+mlp/my little(anime)
Music: 8-Bit, WinterGala mashup, Eurobeat Brony, Avast Fluttershy's Ass, MLP Meets Metal
Present Prank, Pinkie Pie singing the intro theme, Hop Skip and a Jump original, Equestria Girls.

And some videos you can't find by typing them down:

Top 10 videos, looks for these.
Tons of pmvs
>> No. 42581
Pony vidyas!

We've got FiW:

I rather like this guys pony spotlights:

Not a video but Ponyphonic man...

Not techically pony but Applebloom, Sweetie Belle and Mandopony!

Some good fanimation:

And Two Best Sisters!

Children of the Night pony animatic:

The Moon Rises animatic

So what time does Pony premier for us?
>> No. 42582
File 135106556619.jpg - (247.79KB , 900x1165 , 7decca11-699e-448a-8926-6daac2a33dce.jpg )
Friday November 9th
>> No. 42583
Awwww bugger... Day or night? Cause that's the day before my first exam...
>> No. 42584
most likely early afternoon
>> No. 42585
Awww... Well I *shouldn't* be there but I might if I'm busy procrastinating!
>> No. 42738
File 135234526632.jpg - (9.26KB , 199x197 , happy-kitteh-smile.jpg )
Bumping for members
>> No. 42739
File 135234602681.png - (71.09KB , 900x506 )
Don't you think this would do better on /oat/?
>> No. 42740
File 135234633319.jpg - (62.24KB , 640x746 , gentlemen-dr-weird-gentlemen-behold-demotivational-poster-1271298089.jpg )

Behold, op's post
>> No. 42741
File 135234660891.png - (326.82KB , 495x684 , dash big head.png )
… I missed something, didn't I.
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File 135234751668.jpg - (31.50KB , 369x374 , angry-y-u-no.jpg )
>> No. 42748
File 135238733028.jpg - (52.08KB , 1102x620 , 132401517972.jpg )
lol how is your English fine when posting on pchan, but sometimes in mod chat I have no idea what you're talking about?
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