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File 135174144146.png - (751.76KB , 900x797 , mlp__ddr_by_haloshot-d4u28nf.png )
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It is DONE! A collaborative StepMania (kinda like DDR) pack featuring primarily MLP-related music, including some of your favourite songs from Season 1 and 2, remixes, and more!

MLP packs for SM have been done before, but they've mainly been smaller packs meant more for say, In the Groove. We know that not everyone eats 14-footers for breakfast (and I mean ITG 14s), so its more of a DDR-styled pack. But still, there's still some tricky ones in there (particularly Cloudsdale Evolved, Pinkie Pie's Theme from Fighting is Magic, Love Bloom, and LOVE ME!)

Happy Nightnare Night, everypony!

Thanks to all that helped, and thanks to DDR Addict on ZIV for being a HUGE help too.
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>> No. 42659
File 135181986527.png - (229.56KB , 648x514 , blackbar.png )
Awesome. I'm glad you guys finally got it finished for release. From the bits that I've played it seems well worth the wait.

One question though. There is a black bar that appears where the arrows are. It's not there in the other theme so I was wondering if there is anyway to disable it for this theme.
>> No. 42702
That's the screen filter. You can adjust that in the options menu (I think I called it the Blinders)

DDR X added that, and SM default has it too
>> No. 42704
File 135207230955.png - (586.71KB , 1280x962 , trotprob.png )
I think is something wrong with this track. It is playing the Super Ponybeat Discord, and the arrows not matching with the song
>> No. 42725
Sorry, I didn't read the forum-
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