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Hi everypony! ^_^

I am here, once again, to babble about the game that me and my team is constructing. There is an old topic ( ) about this, but there has been made so much progress on it, I really feel like there's need for a clean thread.

The following video is me and Eben (co-admin and lead 3D artist) talking about the entire game, where we're going with it, our ideas for it, etc.

Head on over to our blogspot to read about the game.

Long story short, we're looking for 2D, 3D and Sound Artists.

Contact info can be found on our Blogspot

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>> No. 42654
What is this.

A new fan made RPG game that doesn't use Desktop Ponies or a premade RPGMaker engine?

Sir, you win a million internets and even if your video only displays a very early build, it's already better and more interesting that most RPG projects seen here.

I will keep an eye on this thread, as this project definitely looks like a winner.
>> No. 42663

If you need another hand in the musical department, I could try my hand at composing a few tunes. (They'll be in General MIDI, so Sean may have to rearrange them and make them sound all spiffy.)
>> No. 42664
True, it is a very early stage, but yes, no Desktop Ponies or any other premade game engine. We're building it from scratch ^_^
Well, almost. As scratchy as it needs to be.
And yes, leave your skype/email and we can contact you, or head over to our blogspot and contact us there. We'd love to have som more music artists

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File 135186074326.png - (71.90KB , 241x263 , fluttershy7.png )

[email protected]

Let me know what songs you'd like to hear from me and, if possible, what style to do them in, and I'll get to work ASAP!
>> No. 42687
Alright, I sent you an email. Looking forward to hearing from you
>> No. 42761
We're still actively looking. Especially for 3D artists. That is pretty much what is holding us back at the moment. So if you're awesome at 3D, or got a friend, or got a friend that has a friend, or got a-... Well you get the point. Send them over ^^

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I've seen so many of these 3D pony games start to look promising and then they ultimately fall apart for one reason or another. Not trying to sound pessimistic, just wanted to say please stick to it, I'd love to see you succeed!
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File 135274542784.png - (2.09MB , 1682x1052 , Quest.png )
Well, here's a little update of what we got so far. We got a basic quest interaction going. And as you can see, we're greatly in need of 2D artists .___.'
>> No. 42871
Quick update: Interaction and quests are now further in development, but we are thinking of rewriting the terrain, due to memory and performance issues. Stand by for more info
>> No. 42976
We're still searching. Now more specifically for 3D artists. Although we still wont turn down any offer of help.

Updates: The storyline is about 40% finished, and is written by the talented "I'mJustAnotherBrony". You may have heard of him on FiMFiction, as well as other websites.

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