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I'm trying to build a desktop by scratch. May I recieve some suggestions/assistance? Here's what I currently have (process fan or water cooling.. idk.) Case (micro atx Mother board Processor RAM (memory) GPU (Graphics card) Power supply
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Hmmm, well there might be an issue here as you don't actually have any RAM in there. A 7850 is a very big video card (physically) I would definitely be looking up the dimensions of the card, the motherboard and the case to make sure that it will fit. A micro ATX motherboard and case tend to be pretty small. You could probably also save some money on that power supply, it's really beasty and probably a bit overpowered for this computer.
>> No. 42711
Oh, woops.
Here's the memory.
I'll upgrade that later.
>> No. 42712
On my first desktop. I was able to fit a GTS 250 (back in the day lol.) I don't think size changed much and the 7850 might be an inch or so bigger (which I could fit on the current desktop I have. Which also is a Micro ATX) What I'm trying to do as of now is to build an incredibly strong gaming desktop ready for immediate replacements/upgrades that's price effecient. I have this setup current for 900$ pre-tax
>> No. 42723
If you're confident that it'll fit then I don't see why not. Seems pretty solid to me.
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