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first of all: i hope this is in the correct channel.

i started a project with my programmers team. its basically a 3D animated game using unity engine pro. so after studying some laws we came into a conclusion that we are only using other peoples OC's (with permission only of course) or rather new creations that others can submit. basically is like this: Got a pony and want to be a character on the game? contact us. oh but you want that pony to be your main character? ok you have good imagination don't you? you can make another one and send it to us.

as for the objective of the game is basically this:
Masive online roleplay game in third person view (zelda like) and the structure is this: connect to a server > get a clan or friends > explore the world or go to the co-op story mode.

more informacion you can send them here. and for more information well get the blog updated with this by tomorrow.
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here have a screenshot (old but gold)
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