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Well this is a basic idea i have for the game to add ponies to it. If you wish to see more please visit my FIMfic name Quick Thinker for more information on my blog.


What follows is a copy/paste of a section of my blog.

well the thought occured to me. Firaxis the makers of Civ5 already have 3 mods that add changelings, luna, and celestia. So i figured why not mod Firaxis reimagineing of X-COM and add ponies to the mix. The only problem is that Firaxis didn't exactly make x-com the easiest to mod. So before i even get to the opening of file and modifying them i'm going to make a rough draft and see if i can get a team together to help achieve this.

Story: Ponyville is under attack and Celestia brings in a team of the best Canterlot has to offer, but even then they still suffer heavy losses. After much debate and argueing, the nations of Equestria come together to form the HARMONY project to be Equestria's best and last hope. They bring the best of the best to fight unknown menace. Will Equestria fight back the enemy and take back their planet. Or will the enemy outnumber them and wipe Equestria off the face of the planet?

X-COM base itself: it will still have the ant farm look, however instead of the facilities looking futuristic they will look more akin to the MLP building styles. (oh and im still thinking of adding base defense, but then i would have to make that with out any other sources seeing as how Enemy unknown doesnt have the base defense)

Diffculty: The game will have 4 diffculties Foal, Filly, Colt, Mare with Colt and Mare being classic and impossible. I will make sure Classic and Impossible is a more balenced dificulty.

X-COM soldiers: right this is where it gets interesting. The soldiers will be classified into Earth Unicorn and Pegasi. Each having their own specialties about them.

Earth Ponies: will have 2x HP and get double HP gain when they level up. not much on them currently i'll keep thinking of ideas.

Unicorns: will have a higher will to start and have immeadite acess to Physic power, however they will be simple like the ability to throw a grenade a few tiles further or heal an alley from long range.

Pegasi: seeing as how they were apparently a warrior nation before the founding of Equestria i figure i will make them the assaults of the game. Having better aim and allowing more movement spaces in an action. Also they will have the ability to fly of the bat all though they will be easier to hit without armor to balance it out.

thats all i've got so far, but when i get more ideas i'll post them here and eventually when this idea is fleshed out enough i'll submit to EQD or something to see if i can get a team together to help make this idea a reality. I'll throw out i've never ever made a video game mod or a game for that matter being 16 and still in high school i've not gotten the chance to ever give it a try.


got some more ideas. This time they are more based on the enemies of the game so lets get started with a little comparasion of the original to the pony mod.

Sectoids: They are the weakest and easiest of the enemies in x-com to fight, but at the start they are nothing to sneeze at having the ability to do mind meld and having acess to plasma weapons. having a basic 3 HP and 5 to 6 movement per action move. what im thinking of replacing the sectoids with is either the Parasprites with a clone ability (removing the mind meld in favor of a copy ability) that allows them to make copies, BUT it drains their HP by one each time they do it leaving the copy with the HP it just removed and putting that into the parasprite heres an example.

So say you have a Parasprite split itself it now has 2HP while its clone has 1HP. Now if that clone splits it self it will have half an HP as will the other one has half a HP as well.
I may also make it so their Aim is reduced by 25% per copy made.

Thin Men: They are the newest unit to the X-COM series. Mimicing humans from a distance, but as you get closer the differences are begining to show. Obviously they would be a good replacement with Changelings, however i feel that changelings belong to the Crysallids instead of the Thin Men, but i'll get on that later anyway. the Thin men depending on if i decide to do the changeling thing will have the ability to transform into a civilian (since the player would know that if they attempted to be a soldier they would see that they have no clue of this soldier and out cast them from the team and kill them). As a civilian they mimic them from a distance, but as you get closer you can start to tell the changes quite easily. Sunken in eyes, holes in hooves etc. Im thinking of allow the player to research a item to bring on mission to instantly tell if a pony is either an actual pony or is a changeling allowing the player to save the trouble of getting up close and personal with the possible enemy.

edit* I JUST SUBMITED THIS IDEA TO EQD hope it sounds cool cause I know im going to need a team of people to do this.

Floaters: Well this one is going to be a toughie. Seeing as how the floaters are a flying type of enemy and are mostly mechinical and very little organic tissue. The question is WHAT the heck I'm going to replace them with. at first i though griffons, but then I thought more about it and Im thinking the Griffons would be on Equestrias side and not the aliens side so they're out. you have any ideas for this one PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

Chrysallids: AKA THE SCARIEST THING IN X-COM. I can't get much into them until i decide between the changelings being thin men or chrysallids. However if i did choose the Chrysallid path I'd allow the changelings to do a basic hover move and a crazy ammount of movement speed per action.

Mutons: one of the middle ground enemies who are built for war fare. I'm thinking of making them diamond dogs having the ability to call others to charge and fight giving them a slight boost to aim and crit chance.


okay just realized i had not thought of the skyranger or interceptor for that matter or the squad size.

Skyranger: no changes to this cept maybe some recoloring and make it so the pilot is always one of the Wonderbolts.

Interceptor/Firestorm: Both will look the same as the interceptor can be say a basic jet and the Fire Storm can be more based on alien tech. The pilots of these will always be a Wonderbolt (unless say too many of them are shot down therefore the Wonderbolts are all uhhhh KIA or MIA) In that case pegasi will be taking over as pilot.

onto the SHIVS and the cooler robotic things in X-COM.

SHIVS replace them with dragons. Seeing as how dragons in the show have immunity to lava and more then likely think scales they would have the perfect armor to replace the SHIVS. the only problem is see in the near future is the whole repairing thing of the SHIVS (could just make them be like the ponies and need med bay and make it take longer to heal them.)

Alloy SHIV: add some armor to the dragon like chitin plating or something.

Hover SHIV: add wings to dragon and allow them to hover. The only problem is in X-COM they have a fuel system (could switch it to an energy system like in the first x-com having a stamina bar)
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