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So, how mant of you are up for . A kick-starter to re-do the season premier, based on a fan-edited version of the original episode script and have it aired, or at least replace the original TV episode On the DVD so no one has to sit through such a disappointment ever

And perhaps a pettion to get LPS off air

You know, something that would give Sombra Substance, and cut out some of the unneeded scenes and shorten others.

I mean, we could have had him posses shining Armour during that scene in the frozen north, and weaken Cadance to drop the shield so he could regain his body using the crystal heart, instead of magically get his body back, even though it was stated by Celestia herself that he was STUCK in that form.

This would lead to Him having a singing number, and then from there on out the mane 6 would notice things changing for the worse during the course of the fair, and going to confront him leading to a battle scene, then something where Twilight sacrifices herself to use or just uses the crystal heart to Alicorn up and beat Sombra.

Anything But Cadance cannon, being called the crystal princess out of nowhere, Spike saving the day and Sombra's TERRIBLE Voice actor.
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that sound just awful.
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