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Alright all of you talented bucks and mares I'm here to ask for some help on a project modding Super Smash Brothers Brawl, currently we are working on Rainbow dash. We have been at this for about a year due to members leaving and many time and technology issues. The major things we need are: somepony who can run PSA (project smash attacks) which is the main code program for brawl hacking, a model pony who can make some stuff to be used for graphics and fix a few things on Dash's model, and an a animator (we have one but he hasn't made a ton of head way on the ~200+ animations needed for the full custom model).
more info can be found here feel free to pm me on that site or just post (here or there). Experience in brawl modding would make this a bit easier, especially the code program, but knowing this fandom you could probably pick up on any of it pretty quickly. If any of you would like to earn your brawl modding cutie mark let me know. Thanks for your time
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