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Good evening/morning/afternoon everyone (and everypony for those more Equestrialy inclined).

I have been working on a yet to be named battle board game (i have no idea how to describe it other than a mix of chess and pokemon cards played with ponies) and i would like to share with others.

I haven't been able to play the game more than twice myself and currently i have no other person to play with, which is the reason why i'm posting this on /Collab/: I'm looking for people who are willing to give the game a round and give me their opinion on the game mechanics, gameplay and cards.

For those interested, here are the cards, available for all to print out:

To play the game you would need:
- figurines or markers (the game is ideally meant to played using the blind bag figurines, but tokens or any other kind of marker are equally perfect)
- At least one die (a pair, different color each, one for each player, is the most ideal)
- A regular 8x8 chess board (minimum)
- A coin
- The cards (obviously)

If there is interest, i will gladly post the rules (i don't wish to do it right now. Not out of laziness, but to not clutter the post more than it is).

Some notes on the currently available cards:
- These are only prototypes. I will change things around based on feedback and how it would make the game easier to play and understand. Certain changes are also needed to be made for clarity's sake.
- The images are placeholders. For the final cards, I would hopefully will be able to make better/new images and maybe be able to collaborate with other interested artists. (I'm well aware of how unrealistic and somewhat unprofessional is the idea of trying to work on such an intensive project alone, but, if i didn't know, i wouldn't be posting here int he first place.)
- Please just don't steal and take credit for them. I don't think i can take much credit myself since i'm using mostly screen shots and things taken from the FiM wiki (another reason why i have to work on original art).
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i would like to have the rules.
>> No. 44171
Yes. It's rather hard to play a game without those.
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It seems to play like Pokemon cards.
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I like this idea. The Harry Potter card games died a quick death. You should get a team of people together for greater diversity of ideas.
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I'd be in.I could help with card designs,or maybe game rules.
>> No. 44177
Well, I've never done those either, so I'm still in need of the rules.
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Naming fails:
Applejack's Trsuty Lasso
Poison Joak
Paraspryte and Paraspryte Swarm
GEneric Earth Pony 1

Description fails:
The equiped piece... (Blinders)
Half eagle, half lion, an all awesome. (Gilda)

You may want to fix those up sometime as well as add the rules (as there is definitely some interest here). For the "Generic ponies", you might want to try using background characters like Lyra, Bon Bon, and Derpy (Generic Pony kinda sounds awkward, you know?). Post the rules, and then I can give you the feedback you desire.
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