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Hello everyone, I'm Ganondox, the project leader and current Lead Programmer for PZG, a project for creating an original Zelda-esque action RPG featuring our beloved ponies. The tentative name for this game is The Servant of Discord. In the game a dragon attacks Ponyville and Twilight Sparkle goes out to stop it, but after she finds that Elements of Harmony have gone missing she begins to suspect that something else is going on behind the scenes...

Playable demos for the game can be found here and here .

We are looking to expand our team, so if you are interested email me at roboiguana [at] gmail [dot] com . We are especially interested in looking for additional programmers, including someone with more experience to take over the role of Lead Programmer from me so I can focus on other aspects, and so a more experienced person can manage that. A programmer should have significant experience with working with AS2 in Flash, and experience with working with other people's code, even if it's poorly annotated.

We are also looking for level designers. Level design will be similar to that of 2D Zelda games in most aspects, so the designer should have a lot of expirence with Zelda, and some experience with creating original, interesting, and fun level design. It is advised for the Lead Level Designer to have at least a basic knowledge of AS2.

Right now testing is open, but we are going to have to close it before long, so we are going to have to assemble a team of pre-alpha testers. Right now I'm thinking about hand-selecting people who have already given feedback to the demos of the game, but if you are interested you can also apply for that.

I thin it would be good if we had some sort of for publicly displaying progress and other announcements, so if you can provide a website of some sort and manage you could also have a spot in the team.

If you have any other skills you think might be useful and our interested feel free to contact me.

Here are some teaser mockups created by Punky Pie, our graphic artist.
As these are mockups and not actual screenshots from the game they may not reflect it with 100% accuracy.

I think that's all. If you have any further questions I advice sending me an email at roboiguana [at] gmail [dot] com.
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>> No. 42954
Wait, as 2? Are you mad?

You won't find any developers wanting to use a dead language.
>> No. 42956
If you can work with AS3 you should be able to work with AS2. It still works just fine, it's all the same as far as I can tell after compilation. I learned AS2 and AS2 works, so why should I use something else? Anyway, I don't know AS3, so I couldn't use it. If some one wants to try to convert it from AS2 to AS3 they are welcome to, but I can't.
>> No. 42957
Actually, it is very different after compilation. Having an entirely separate virtual machine does that.

As for why use it? Because it is easier to work with, thanks to the typesafety as well as the proper classes.

It really isn't too different in design, you can learn the main differences in a day.
>> No. 42958
I thought AS2 and AS3 generated the same swf files which are run by the same VM.

I think the class-files in AS2 that I wrote already use type safety, it's when you define data type and start with var, right? If so then it might be the case that only the code in the actual Flash file would have to be redone.
>> No. 42961
Okay, now I write down what I'm think about the demo and sorry if it sound like a dick (also sorry for my english)
Bad things:
- There are some hit box problem what very annoying with the button puzzle and with that alligator.
- The mid boss is just run after you and this is boring but maybe you just made something fast for the demo? Anyway THAT SOUND! How you though this is a good idea?
- Too long invincibility mode. This is very annoying cause you can't do anything in this state. In Zelda you have a half/one second and you can attack during it.
- The boss second form: You can't run anywhere, this thing is freaking huge! Or maybe I'm a noob, sorry, I can't do much with the second form
- That mosquito things reappear if I go back to the room and instant hit me back to the previous room.
- Pushing box it's not work very well.
Good things:
- I like the idea and the weapons working fine (except that invisible thing)
- Glad you don't just copy the original Zelda enemies (okay, there are animals, but still better)
- Magic levitation! Work good and I can see use it for some puzzle
- I really like the boss first form. Original and work very well. (Except that little thing all head at the same spot at the beginning)
- I really love that feature with the C button.:D
>> No. 42964
1. Ok, got it. I'll see if there is anything that can be done.
2. Well I wanted this miniboss to be a bit boring as I wanted to reappear later in the game as a normal enemy, the later minibosses will be more more interesting. The music for the fight is just a place holder I made, I'm still waiting for Belgerum to make a miniboss theme. That will be fixed soon enough.
3. It used to be shorted, the only reason I made it longer was because some else said it was too short and it should be 2-3 seconds long. It's 2 seconds here. I agree it's too long and I will shorten it. The reason I made it so you can't attack during it is so that you can't just brute force your way through the timberwolf fight.
4. If I made it correctly touching the boss doesn't actually hurt you, just the heads do. You can walk behind it. I agree the area is a bit small, I'l try to see if I can make it any larger.
5. If you kill them they won't respawn. Yes, the design for the level is bad, this is not meant to be a final version of the dungeon.
6. Well that's the best I could work out. I asked for my graphic artist to make an animation for that, if that helps. I said I was looking for some more experienced programmers to help.

1. What invisible thing?
2. So far enemy design is mainly courtesy to Punky Pie, boss design is mainly courtesy to me.
3. It could still use some work, the pot need to actually do something when levitated to an inappropriate place.
4. I can change the heads-all-at-the-same spot thing.
5. Which one?

If you have any useful skills and are interested in more direct involvement you can email me.
>> No. 42965
[deleted repeat]
>> No. 42969
invisibility thing= invicibility thing. Sorry I messed up. And wich one place you in a big glitchy room (It's looks like a place where you need to run forward and avoid the mud(?) pits)

And I think you can avoid brute forcing if the enemies don't just hurt you but knock back.
>> No. 42970

Enemies do knock you back, and I think that might actually make it easier for you to just brute force your way through it. Anyway, I think I fixed all the things I said I was going to, but I haven't uploaded it.
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