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Hello everypony!
Somebody of you might heard of PonyRoom. (Well, most likely no, but thats alright)
Last year I was making an online flash platformer, and I was testing around with pony gifs. Now I have some-what ready multiplayer platform code, and I want to use it to create an interesting game.

I came up with idea of Moba(Multiplayer online battle arena; for example: League of Legends, Dota 2 ), but with ponies as main playable characters.

What do I have at this moment? Source for multiplayer platform game... Thats all.
What? That's a lot actually. You can connect, choose character, use skills, upgrade skills. And AI is already done and ready to be used.

The biggest problem in near future is lack of artists and animators (For now game UI is not even presentable 'cause it is just banch of NUMBERS AND STRING).

So, if you are a good artist, or had experience with pony puppets animating AND is interested in contributing your work in this project or have some questions - please let me know. ( [email protected] )

More about the game. For those who doesn't know about MOBA style games, I'm going to explain it.
There are (usually) 3 lanes on the map. You play 5x5 as Heroes. The main objective is to destroy enemy Nexus(Or Ancient). During the game minions (or creeps) are going from your nexus to the enemy one. And visa verse. To ensure the victory you must level up by gaining experience, which you do by slaining enemy heroes or minions. Same goes for the gold. You can buy items for the gold you collected(farmed).
Those are the basics.

Who I need now:
AS3 coders (Those, who are ready to die trying to understand my code... jk)
Background artist, Contept artist, animators, effect artist, designers.
Who I need in a deep future:
- Music guys
- VA for charactes
- Balance team (or QA team)
and more. ( One really old record)
As for the name for this project... I have no idea.
If you have one - post it!
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>> No. 42999
This looks and sounds very interesting. I fear there's nothing I can help out with, but I wish you the best of luck with this project. You might want to submit your call for assistance to EQD or similar sites to reach more people.

Little question - I don't know shit about MOBA games, but with a 2D sidescrolling environment I figure there'll only be one lane to fight for? Or will there be multiple "screens" being fought on at the same time to resemble a more DotA like experience where there's multiple battles going on at once?
>> No. 43000
I am planning to make 3 lanes. Mid, underground and air. This will most likely balance everything (Only flying characters can go top, magic heroes need to go mid, and tanky-or-slow characters will go bottom (underground)
>> No. 43001
Why aren't you giving full credit to all of those Desktop Ponies animations you are using?
The artists who created them are quite annoyed at the ever increasing number of people who thinks they can do whatever they want with them without even bothering to thank the original creators for all of their hard work.
>> No. 43004
Because this screenshot is from previous old version that is not longer exist. If there will be any new open test or video preview featuring these gifs, I will credit them.
>> No. 43025
I will soon make a small video.
>> No. 43822
Youtube embed play button
  Okay, soon has passed, and now a video.
Still searching for some artists.

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Youtube embed play button
  it didn't embed. Ok.

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I was hoping that ponyroom would be some kind of simplistic territory control game like it was before and I find it somewhat depressing that it is becoming this, but please be aware that this is my initial response to this announcement. I will withhold judgement until I play it.
>> No. 43902
May I be a balance tester (not that I may be that terribly good).
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File 136171638627.png - (123.55KB , 800x600 , _blitz__s_wedding_suit__by_anaxboo-d5f7kms.png )
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File 136171632038.png - (123.55KB , 800x600 , _blitz__s_wedding_suit__by_anaxboo-d5f7kms.png )
>> No. 44367
I know that a programmer, is not what you need most, but if you need one, then send a mail to [email protected]
I have worked with actionscript3 before
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