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Promo Video:

Wiki Page:

Pony Tactics: Salvation is a tactics style fan-made My Little Pony RPG game inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics, Disgaea, and Ogre Tactics. The game is being made in Unity and will be open source and free on release.

Taking place just after Discord comes to rule Equestria, Salvation has players leading a team of fleeing townsponies to safety. Players battle many different types of enemies in many different environments. Along the way, party members come and go, forcing players to keep their strategy fresh.

Unlike most tactics style games, Salvation does not have a classic job system. Instead, every unit falls uniquely into a role, with skills and abilities maintained by the story instead of jobs/levels. Smart use of a team's abilities and items is rewarded, as health/mana is not fully replenished after every battle.

After defeating Nightmare Moon, Twilight Sparkle discovers that the stained glass windows in the Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters tell of a history she had never heard of. When questioned, Princess Celestia begins retelling the dark tale of Discord's reign over Equestria, the finding of the Elements of Harmony, and how she and Princess Luna came to power.

We are looking for artists, musicians, writers, and programmers to round out our team and kick development into high gear! For more info, check out our website:

I'm the director and creator of the project, so feel free to ask me any questions you might have!
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>> No. 43016
This looks very nice straight from the start.
>> No. 43024

Thanks, but we've still got a long way to go. I don't want this to just be "another pony game" you pick up and play for a short time. I've got big, bold ideas for multiplayer I want to implement including custom maps/scenarios.
>> No. 43026

Well I am a VERY well seasoned JRPG player, so tel me if you need QA!

Also if you need voice actors :3
>> No. 43027

We're not at the "voice actors" stage yet, but what voices can you do?
>> No. 43031
Careful with those ambitions. Realize that so far there pretty much are nothing *but* "that pony game"s out there so far, everything else has either died halfway through or is still in development with not even an estimated time of completion in sight.

Let's be optimists and assume without any doubt that stuff like the 3d MMO or fighting is magic will get finished eventually - look at the massive amount of time and work that's been going into these kind of games already up until this point.

All I want to say is if I were you guys, I'd really really check and then check again if you not only have the ambition but also the resources, time and willpower for a project which is supposed to be more than a temporary time waster when it's done.

Because this sounds and looks really interesting, but I'd much prefer a small, polished and simple pony tactics game which actually sees the light of day, than another big ass project with exciting multiplayer, 12 hour storymode, 1000 levels, 100 selectable characters or whatever those "bold ideas" you've got on paper are, which then crashes down 2 months in.

Really don't want to sound like an ass, but that's the way every project which ambitions like that went *so far*. Just saying. Please reflect on that for a second. I just can't bring myself to get my hopes up for new announcements like this any longer, and that's not because I don't want to.

Have you considered submitting the trailer, maybe some graphics to go with it, to Equestria Daily and Equestria Gaming? I'm sure a post or two on the popular pony news sites could get some people hyped and get your call for help heard.
>> No. 43035
File 135475682698.jpg - (30.82KB , 256x317 , Fableiii.jpg )

I would be cautiously optimistic about any game that was striving to do a whole mess of things. I've gotten burned on many a game that was promising a great many things and actually doing about half of them (anything Peter Molyneux makes comes to mind). I've been as tight lipped as I can be regarding our plans so we don't fall on our faces and look stupid.

That said, I've always been ambitious in my goals no matter what I do, that's just who I am. My fanfics have a billion chapters, I play any game I get on the hardest difficulty no matter what it is, and I've tried to make multiple games in the past that were just too large for one man to handle. I've now got a team behind me of talented artists and musicians and now another programmer who really knows his shit, so I'm pretty optimistic myself. I've crashed and burned multiple times, so I know the ceiling when I see it now.

Also this game has been in development waaaay longer then I'm letting on, but we've only recently started picking up steam. We've already seen the gaping maw of destruction. We're working hard not to see it again.

I really don't want to get anyone's hopes up toooo high, I don't want to be that guy that promises everything and can only deliver on some things. But it'll be fun. I can guarantee you that, at least.

Also we've already sent a GDD to Equestria Gaming for next month's Lyra List. We've not poked Equestria Daily for my own personal reasons, but we'll see how long that lasts.
>> No. 43037

Add me on skype. Skype name Shimansa ^_^
>> No. 43284
Since the 4chan Q/A went alright ( and brought in a few apps, and because our web guy was bored, we now have a tumblr!

I'll attempt to answer any questions that come up there along with post random concept art or music once a day.
>> No. 43741
File 135903023587.png - (78.23KB , 650x750 , twilight.png )
Bumping to say that this project is still alive but suddenly needs some more pony artists as all of ours suddenly had life sneak up on them.

Pic is proof that work is moving forward, it's an updated Twilight Sparkle sprite (work in progress).

Pony artists, our website is linked in the OP!
>> No. 43892
The best place for this is search help in deviantart, and ask to some brony artist, i'm really sure many artist will be glad to make art for this project!
>> No. 43895
File 135981925502.png - (218.61KB , 1222x326 , 32010443428-orig.png )
There certainly are a lot of people who applied when we first appeared, but not everyone was (to be frank) good enough at what they did to contribute. The team we have right now is only missing a few key artists at this point. We're making some good progress in the 3D model department and the story is almost finalized and everything's coming up Milhouse!

Also this:
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