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So I'm starting a project, and I really can't do it alone. I want to fully animate and voice the Fan Fiction "A Precious Rainbow". It's a sequel (Alt. Ending, rather) to "Cupcakes", and is very impressive especially for a sequel to a grimdark. In this story Applejack saves Rainbow Dash after she's already lost her wings and the majority of the story is about her recovery. It's very easy to find with a google search. I don't have much or anything to show right now. I have Flash CS5 now but I haven't made anything in flash in years.

That being said I really want this to be something great.

I want to get voice actors that actually sound recognizably like the mane 6. (I've thought about tweeting the hell out of Tara to see if she could bother the other official VA's into voicing for a fanfic, but I don't see it happening so...)

I could use help with the animation as well. I can handle it myself I think, but it would obviously get done quicker with more help.

I also will not be able to draw the backgrounds. Small stuff I might could do but I don't seem to be able to draw backdrops in the style of MLP. And I really want this to look just like the show.

I'm ready to tackle this and make a BANGIN' fan video that should pluck some heartstrings. Obviously you can respond here as well but if you want to help please message me at [email protected] (Probably not the best Idea but I assume I'm among friends)

Pic related. I'm working on the walk cycle for rainbowdash in her Wonderbolts hoodie (I'm editing the resource pack here: since the hoodie is a huge staple of the story.
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"Get Tara to"

Not gonna happen. Ever.
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I know lol
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