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  With the unfortunate cancellation of MLP online, there are now enough public sprites to help make my game. But, do I use someone else's work or continue to use my own. What do I do?
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>> No. 43097
Use your sprite.
>> No. 43098
Use your own sprites, without a doubt.

The MLP Online sprites will become the new desktop ponies, from now on every fan project ever will use them.
considering how the MLP Online devs gave the thumbs up and made them public as opposed to the desktop ponies where most people didn't even properly credit the creators let alone get a permission, I guess there's nothing wrong with using them. But what that really means in the end is that even more people will use those instead of doing their own sprite work.

If you want your project to stand out I'm sure it will be WAY better to use your own graphics. Otherwise it will be regarded as "just another one of those games" with the same sprites everybody else is using already. That's my assumption at least.
>> No. 43103
This guy speaks with wisdom. If you truly want your game to stand out, use your own graphics. Don't use bad graphics though. I've seen a game that used their own low quality graphics, and it really showed it off as a bad quality game. I'm sure you're graphics will be fine though.
>> No. 43110
Don't use the sprites directly, use them as an example. The thing the online sprites have is diversity. They have several animations for all 8 directions. Try to come up with your own sprite style and then look at the online sprites to get an example of how the animations should look. Trying to use the show as an example is much more difficult because of the drastically higher resolution.
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