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Hey /collab/, how's is going?

I just got home on break and I want to embark on a new project in adobe flash. I already have a thread on /art/, ( I can draw decently, but what I really wanna do is start animating. If you have any experience in flash and can help me out and find people to make a great flash Animated music video with then keep on reading.

If anyone wants to do a group collab of short flash loops or movies synced to music tell me. I'm thinking of a song like this but it's open to debate. If this interests you and you wanna discuss it, email me at [email protected] Thanks a lot for your interest.
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>> No. 43218
So, did you have any technical parameters in mind?

Like stage size, frame rate, actionscript version, file size targets and such?
>> No. 43222
File 135593755952.jpg - (330.89KB , 700x1100 , bucket8.jpg )

Well the standard is usually 12 fps for web quality animation. I understand that It's kind of weak to ask others for help animating when the OP is usually the guy who should headline it, but I honestly do not know how to use flash that well. I would be doing everything of mine frame by frame to be honest.

I do not have anything specific in mind in regards to stage size (normal I guess?). I am pretty sure my version of flash (cs5) uses actionscript 3.0; however, I might downgrade to cs4 because I have heard that cs5 is laggy. File size would be around 7mb (considering a song is usually 4-5 mb and the rest of the animation would fill the rest)

Btw, thanks for the interest, and if you know any mlp art/flash group somewhere online or a skype group don't hesitate to point me in the right direction!
>> No. 43227
12 fps is rather low. At least use the double so that it actually hits the human threshold for continuous movement.
>> No. 43239
Hmm..ok. That can work, do you know anything about flash or how to work it? Is there any other way I can get in contact with you?
>> No. 43248
>Really wants to help but just started in flash

>> No. 43251

Dude, it's ok! If you want to help, go out on the internet and try to find other people that would be willing to do this! I know the fanbase is huge, and there are probably a bunch of people who would want to get in on this, especially if they are just starting out. The fastest way to get good at flash is to get someone to show you the ropes.
>> No. 43255
Hmm.. I have only 2 friends that can animate in flash and they are too busy to help right now. I'm sorry :c
>> No. 43258
I know lots about Flash. Thing is, I can't draw or animate.

If you still want to find me then you should look for henke37 on freenode.
>> No. 43263
I can draw pretty well too
>> No. 43283

You guys should add me on skype, its vid.jovanovic. Write that your pchan on the thing. I'm gonna find some more people to get on this, and I'll message you through there.

Ty a lot
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