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Hi I’m Sten Whik, as part of the final year of my degree I am creating a game of my choice and of course that choice is ponies (Though I did have a plan B that involved slightly less ponies). Even though I’ve never posted anything on this site, I have decided to show you my project. This is because I’m testing advertising myself to others as part of my course and also because I like ponies and you like ponies.

A trailer should be embedded somewhere in this post.

My game is planned to be a first person (and hopefully third person) free roam multiplayer. I am making the game with the Unreal Development kit (using the Unreal Engine 3) and thus that is where it got its name. There will be an inventory/customisation system but the content involved will probably be very slim. The free roam environment will be relatively small portions of Ponyville, Sweet Apple Acres and The Everfree Forest. Each portion will have its own optional goals, them being earning bits in Sweet Apple Acres, Trading and acquiring/completing quests in Ponyville and completing quest in The Everfree Forest.

I am meant to do everything in this game myself (Whoever came up with my course is crazy), however I am no musician and I may need the help of one or two in the future. That said I currently have a great (non-Brony )8) musician helping me out.

Please forgive (but still comment on :P) any errors I have made with this post.
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All seems to be well with it so far (a few grammar mistakes, but meh). Although Slenderpony doesn't look proper with eye sockets. Seriously good though, and I wish you luck on it.
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