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  HI there everypony I tried to spread this around a while ago to get some help in fixing things as I was tied up with school, now break is here and Dashie is "working" so I wanted to show off a bit. There are still a lot of things to finish but she is completely long as she isn't grabbed.

The video show our progress but like I say in it, the mod looks a lot better in game and not on my crappy ipad camera (no capture card) we could still use a modeler and animator and anypony who wants to help is welcomed especially since we are going to do at least the mane six so there will be plenty to do later.

links to the download and main thread can be found in the video description as well as a tutorial on how to set it up. have fun and happy spike-actually-got-an-episode day!!!
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>> No. 43419
this is simply amazing, when you finish you can think making a Derpy recolored version for have two ponies to play XD
>> No. 43421
If my eyes are working properly, it looks like the CPU is recolored as Dash's rival from "Wonderbolt Academy", but that could just be bad video quality. Either way he goes with that, there's really no bad way to go.
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