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It seems that the old thread which hasnt been updated since October simply will not update to the first page. So here's the official second thread for this year old project :P

--Update 12-29-12 ------------------------------

Just thought I'd pitch in a short and simple notice that I'll be posting a huge update near the end of January, and I'll possibly have the next test demo ready by mid March.

I've been super busy on this project for the past few weeks. Reason why I havent done any progress updates is because the stuff I'm working on is stuff I'd like to keep secret for the time being.

Hope you guys are still interested in what I'm cooking ;)

Oh, and I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays. Bring on 2013!
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>> No. 43418
Have you made all the graphics of the game?
>> No. 43422
Do you have any downloads or any kind of site for this project? You're post doesn't really say all too much to one just finding it here, which is a bit of a shortfall.
>> No. 43426
not all of them, no. I develop them as I need them. :P

Yeah, sorry about that, I did not have enough time to create a more official thread on the project. The older thread (that seems to be stuck in some sort of limbo) explains the project much better and an be found here:

there's also the official blog:

And yes, there is an official website for the project that's also in development, which would also eventually have the older test demos and such other things.

I'll try to have more news on that in the future. Of course, since I started this project, I decided to make it a more personal endeavor meaning I've decided to tackle it and do everything alone, which is why things have taken as long as it has.
>> No. 43443
I've decided just now that it would be very wise for me to start doing daily updates again for this project. It wont strictly be about progress though, but mostly of facts and ideas about the game in general.

Most of these updates may contain spoilers, and I will do my best to warn about these spoilers for those of you who'd like to remain surprised.

So what have I been so busy on for the past few weeks? I've started development on the six large mini-games that are hidden throughout the game world. One of these games is essential for the completion of Spikes Quest, and that game is my current project and is quiet a gem for just a mini game.

I've posted about these mini-games before, but I never specified how they work in Spikes Quest.

There are six game disks (or carts) scattered throughout the world. When you find one, you bring it back to the upper world into Ponyville where Pinkie Pie will have something resembling a mini-game arcade booth, here the game is revealed and unlocked to you in a mini-game selection menu of sorts.

The mini-games will be classic spin-offs of such nastalgic games of classic DOS and Gameboy origins and the majority of them are quiet literally a series of videogames within a videogame.

Tomorrows post will reveal the most current mini-game in development, and will certainly be spoilered for such obvious reasons.

So, if you dont mind being spoiled on Spikes Quest, feel free to check on in. I'll do my darnedest to keep this blog (located here: ) and all affiliated forum threads updated on a daily basis. :)
>> No. 43455
File 135731589204.png - (73.71KB , 640x480 , spoiler.png )
Link to Blog Post: ([b]warning: Spoilers!!![/)
>> No. 43457
As far as level design (actual physical layout of the stage) and level graphics are concerned, about how much of each are done? Like, if you had to give a rough percentage.

How about enemies? I don't think you've said much about what living creatures Spike encounters in this game.
>> No. 43458

As far as level design goes, I'm having to re-tweak the game's engine and rework the map editor (again). honestly there's nothing much put together that we can call level design so as far as percentage goes in that field... maybe about 10% :P its really hard for me to say atm

Level graphics? I have two tile-sets thrown together, one specifically as a sort of placeholder to aid in the engine testing, and the other is the one used in the screenshot used in the first post here. I have bits of the game's hud put together and a few other misc things, but honestly not a whole lot. :P

Enemies? I have a few simple ideas for enemy design, but nothing I can reveal as of yet.
>> No. 43469
Link to Blog Post ::SPOILERS!!!::
>> No. 43471
Im don't want spoiler....b-but...I'm not!
>> No. 43472
Sorry for accidently double post, please delete this post.
>> No. 43492
Link to Blog Post ::spoilers!!!::
>> No. 43503
Link to Blog Post ::SPOILERS!!!::
>> No. 43510
File 135762350617.png - (140.22KB , 778x452 , Test Demo 4 Preview.png )

all the old demos have been re-uploaded on a working server again. Enjoy!
>> No. 43515
Link to Blog Post ::SPOILERS!!::
>> No. 43534
Not really much of a spoiler this time. Also the final reveal of he Mini-games
>> No. 43542
File 135792821107.jpg - (9.24KB , 275x183 , images.jpg )
I'll try to at least have one mini-game done each month (depending on the complexity of that game)

I'll actually be needing a good strong team of beta testers for each of the mini games as I work on them.

If your interested then please e-mail me: [email protected]

I'm seeking people who use one of these platforms:
-Windows [98,XP,7 and 8 (hopefully 8 users can access the files)]
-Mac osX
-Android (this may take some time)

I also ask that you at least have a Skype account as I will be hosting a private chatroom centered on the production of all things Spikes Quest.

I will ask for your agreement to not to release any images or videos of these beta releases. They shall remain strictly confidential. Those who join the beta test team will be added to an e-mail list where I will release the exe's

In return of your help, your name will be added to the credits (please specify the title you want to use here.)

It may take some time to get things set up. For now, I'm just building a list.
>> No. 43556
File 135800691150.png - (313.42KB , 600x653 , 130139982032.png )
So, this past week has been somewhat exciting. The old demo's had been re-uploaded (and to a new server). There have been a couple of new LP videos made of Demo #4, and I've revealed all the planned mini-games for Spikes Quest.

Demo #4 LP Videos:

WhitehawkPAUWNCH's playthrough:

CrimsomtheWolf's playthrough:

All the Mini-Game reveals: [may contain spoilers]

Reveal #1:

Reveal #2:

Reveal #3:

Reveal #4:

Reveal #5:

Reveal #6:

Reveal #7:

Current Development Progress: [May contain spoilers]

I've been pretty darn busy working on Mini-Game #7 (revealed in Reveal #1) Currently I'm wrestling with a bit of code. A function that is supposed renders the 3D walls when the player is in the area that those walls exists. I've spent the past three days struggling with this function, but very little progress has been made due to some nasty complications.

Aside from that, the mini-game has some promise. The people who dont actually follow the blog (or forum posts that I update along with the blog) will be in for a nice little surprise :)

Despite the headaches of the current hangup of the current code, I've still managed to keep myself focused by staying excited about a possible finished product. I'm keeping this mindset by meditating and imagining what the final product would be like and how other people may actually enjoy it.

I've also been using special rubbing oils (courtesy of my sister who sells the stuff) that helps me keep my focus as well as other beneficial things.

That's all I have for this weeks progress report. I'll continue to post more to the blog daily and a few little things will also be posted here (if it seems necessary)

Here's hoping the next weekly progress report will have more awesome stuff in it!

Thanks for following! :)
>> No. 43574
I've decided that Sunday shall be my day of rest from the project and everything associated. We all need a off day after all, right?

While I'm at it, I should also note that one day this coming week I'll be leaving my folks house and heading to my sister's for a week or so. During this time I will not have any internet to post any updates.

So if I go on a short week hiatus, you'll all know why.

I'll be back at my apartment sometimes this month, and then I'll be going all out on this project with updates galore :)

stay tuned!

PS. The application for beta testers for the mini-games is still open. I have five volunteers on the list already. This application shall remain open til the end of this month. If your interested then go here:
>> No. 43588
This week I'll be explaining four collectable event items needed to unlock a special master weapon.

Blog Post link: --may or may not contain spoilers--
>> No. 43609
Today I reveal key #2 of the Dragon Keys

it may or may not contain spoilers [in this case the spoiler would be concerning gameplay and not much on story]

Proceed at your own risk.
>> No. 43647
I added two more logs to the blog since yesterday covering the last two Dragon Keys.

Sorry for not updating the thread here, its been rather busy over here :P

Key #3:

key #4:
>> No. 43657
Blog Post Link ::may include spoilers::
>> No. 43671
File 135862776595.png - (4.87KB , 325x267 , Luna's Flight prev 1.png )
Got a lengthy report for this week:

> Some posts involving event items and a weapon
> help wanted: beta testers and music artists
> progress report on this weeks productivity

Link to blog post:
>> No. 44006
File 136046375470.jpg - (21.22KB , 383x357 , 130220713256.jpg )
Just saw an article on EqD bearing ill news about Fighting is Magic. And it has me a bit concerned for the sake of Spikes Quest.

Not that this game would had ever competed with the awesomeness that would had been Fighting is Magic, but I still had some pretty wild ambitions for this game. But if legal issues are a huge threat to such projects then I have to question the stability of the production path for SQ.

Should I be afraid of the potential Cease and Desist notices from Hasbro? Should I maybe discontinue the use of their IP and try something a bit more... original?

I'm a bit on the fence here.

What do you think?
>> No. 44012
change original names also made diferent color versions of the show characters or make a color editor oer some different color versions of "Speeks"
>> No. 44052
I think you'll be fine. Even now it's unclear if Fighting is Magic will remain taken down, or if Mane6 will fight through it and get the C&D removed from them. I do know there's a petition that's going around to tell Hasbro to remove said C&D, and as much as I support this project, I'm supporting the people at Mane6 too. I suggest that if you like Fighting is Magic that you sign, but don't forget your own project either. It's too good to drop yet, regardless of the risk.
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