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Greetings, everypony!

I am the head of Ponysoft Entertainment as well as the Lead Programmer, and we are making a game (long-term). We are deeply in need of more people to help developing it.

About the game:
The game is called Secrets of Everfree. Although the main storyline still isn't complete, one thing is certain, It will eventually come down to a major event occurring in The Everfree Forest.
The game is going to have a fairly strong resemblance with Dragon Age 2, although with some World of Warcraft, Diablo 2, and with just a single dash of Skyrim thrown in there. As the title tells, it is a roleplaying game.
You are playing 3 mares, one of each race, and controls will strongly resemble those of Dragon Age 2. You will be able to switch between them as you travel through the game, and at some points in the game, the AI (Artificial Intelligence) will not be able to figure out how to move on. Here you'll need to solve the puzzle, but of course there will always be clues.
We are aiming at giving the player the freedom experienced in World of Warcraft. Meaning that just because you have completed the main storyline, it doesn't mean there's nothing left to see. There will be dozens of side-quests in every town in the game, and some will unlock only after you've advanced further into the game.
This is how Diablo 2 comes into play. Every "episode" of the game will function somewhat like Acts does in Diablo 2. You will be able to travel between these places (presumably by train), and as stated before have a chance of experience quests which could not be completed earlier in the game. Some quests lines may even lead you back through the acts.
Although we will only have one main storyline, there will be a reasonable amount of big quest-lines all around the game.


Q: How far are you?
A: Good question.
Programming: We have finished the main menu and got a basic world running. We also got the player class working with everything we have so far, and a basic NPC class ready.
3D Art: We got the filly and adult mare models done in terms of shaping and rigging, for now. It is in the process of being animated.
2D Art: Not much of what is done in the game so far is our final piece of art for the individual thing. We do not have anyone specifically making 2D art, which means most of it is simple 5min work, and the rest of it is placeholders, borrowed from the internet.
Audio: There hasn't really been anything done in terms of audio, at all.

Q: Will there be combat?
A: Yes, but because we are making the game suitable for minors, there will be little to no blood, no strong violence, and so forth. Much like the show.

Q: Will there be "Roles", as in 'Tank, Healer, Damage, etc.'?
A: No. Although the 3 races will have different abilities, some being more suitable for taking damage than others, it wont be in such significant scale that it will make a big difference.

Q: What part of Equestria will the game be taking me through?
A: You will start the game in Ponyville. After this, nothing is set in stone. We plan on taking the player through Appleloosa, Manehatten and Canterlot. As well as of course Ponyville, being the place you start, and The Everfree Forest, where the game will end.

Technical questions and more may be covered in the Game Design Document

Game Design Document (GDD):

It is 99% up to date. It was made just before December, and the only difference is that we do have someone working on the storyline.
The Game Design Document also contains all information about the people we are looking for, except for one thing. We are now down on a total of 4 programmers, so we are in need of those as well.
If there is anything you'd like to contact us about, leave a response below, or contact me or Eben (Lead 3D Artist). Details found in the GDD

- Head of Ponysoft Entertainment
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It has come to my attention that a lot of people really dislike the Dragon Age 2 game, so therefore I want to emphasize that this is not going to be a ponified version of Dragon Age. The only concepts we're using is that of controlling more characters at once. Everything else which I've said that might come across as Dragon Age 2 copying, you should rather think of as taken from World of Warcraft

Hope this turns those frowns upside down, regarding this game.

- Head of Ponysoft Entertainment
>> No. 43521
To anyone who's interested in seeing what we're currently working on, and how the game is expected to progress, programming-wise, here's the link to our online project tracker:

- Head of Ponysoft Entertainment
>> No. 43536
this really looks cool and sounds promishing but maybe this project is too ambitious for a fan game, i'm a bit afraid about this kind of complex projects because i don't want to see how it's fail.

There are other 3d pony projects like Questria and i personally belive that all the talented people must join and focous in one big project and not make too muck other, in general the fandom needs focus in only a few games if they whant to suceed, this is my personal opinion (and sorry for my bad english)

i hope you have good luck, people like you have all my suport!
>> No. 43539
So you're pretty much telling them to dump it now? The way I see it, that would be a waste of the creator's time and energy. It may not be some crazy "I've had everything planned out for 9 months!" kind of deal, but they do have a strong basis to work off of in the design document.

Yes, there are large projects, and yes they never seem to flounder the way smaller ones do, but that might be because of a lack of fans giving any care about those projects. This fanbase is an incredibly powerful thing, and I tell you guys to keep it up, and I'll hope to see this come to fruitition.

Don't be Fluttershy scared of everything, but be Rainbow dash and show your true, hopeful colors.
>> No. 43552
I'm a beginner so I won't do much but I do want to learn, I'd like to watch how this game develops.
>> No. 43576
PunkyPie, I see your point, however I do agree more with Marioland. Personally, I've spent too much time on this game to just drop it. I can't speak for the rest of my team, but I strongly believe everyone else feels the same way.
And to go back to what you were talking about PunkyPie. The 'too ambitious for a fan game'. Regarding that, I want to say, if we were making this as any other game in this style, then what would make it stand out? The whole reason we're making this game is because, well... Ponies ^_^
That being said, I do understand why you're saying as you are, but I'm pretty confident that we can pull through with this game.

- Head of Ponysoft Entertainment
>> No. 43655
Update: We got the basic outline for quests working. What type of quest, and the whole "Accept -> Work -> Complete" concept done.

To anyone interested, we're still looking. We're still really interested in 3D modellers and programmers at the moment.

- Head of Ponysoft Entertainment
>> No. 43725
seems interesting. Looking forward to seeing how this will turn out.
>> No. 43756
File 135908064388.png - (94.10KB , 450x432 , Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash Going for a Ride.png )

If you need editing, proofreading, or writing done, I can do that.

I'm an aspiring programmer, but not fluent in anything as of yet. I can guarantee that I can debug code any day of the week.

No idea how to contact you, though.

EDIT: Never mind, I found it in the doc.

Last edited at Thu, Jan 24th, 2013 19:34

>> No. 43862
Scootareader has joined the team.
To anyone else interested in joining, we're still actively searching.
>> No. 43871
Drat; I do not work in C#, .NET, or any Windows-based platforms, so it seems I cannot help with programming, unless there are some minor scripts and such that need to be done in a different environment.
>> No. 43873
File 135975624466.png - (37.00KB , 240x240 , meow.png )
A pony-based game? How wonderful!
>> No. 43877
So far, we're not planning on adding a scripting engine, but we might, once we start to expand. If you're interested in joining at that point, leave me a way to contact you, and Ill do so when the time comes. Or stay tune x)

Glad you like it ^_^
>> No. 43932
To anyone who wants to track us, but doesn't want to bother with keeping updated on the page all the time, we've made a Facebook page where we will be telling random updates.
>> No. 43956
Hey fellas.

Just wanted to say that yes, I'm still alive. I've been meaning to make a new song or two for the game but I've been running low on ideas and free time as of late. Send me a message if there's anything you need me to do!
>> No. 43978
Look me in the eye.

If there's any questions you might have about the game at all, don't hesitate to write here, or contact me directly x)
>> No. 44090
We have implemented a few sound effects for the menus and whatnot. But other than that, we're still too low on both Programmers and 3D modellers to actually have anything to show.

So in short, yes, we're still actively searching.
>> No. 44435
To anyone suspecting we're dead, I want to clarify, we're not. We're just very idle at the moment, due to the fact that we don't have a single 3D artist, so no work can get done there, and we're only 2 programmers, both with work and education.

So if you are, or know a programmer or 3D artist, I strongly hope that you'll consider helping us out.

- Head of Ponysoft Entertainment
>> No. 44644
Yes, another bump. We now got another programmer on the team, and 3D models are slowly beginning to take shape. That said, we're still VERY much still in need of both Programmers, 3D and 2D artists.

- Head of Ponysoft Entertainment
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