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I know you guys don't like "I have an idea" threads, but I'm not asking for much. Right now I'm just looking for a fellow JavaScript programmer to bounce ideas off of.

I'm not expecting any code, or dedication, hell, I don't even know if the game will happen. I just want to see what another JS coder and pony-fan thinks of my ideas, my methods (no pun intended), etc.

I'm a big fan of the really simple style Point and Click Adventures (Johny Rocketfingers, Submachine, etc.) and I don't see many pony games of this type. I did see Pokehidden's NSFW Point and Click which was interesting, and gave me the idea for this.

My style would be different from the above mentioned games though. Being a mystery game, it would be clue oriented, which I haven't really seen before, except in Phoenix Wright. Basically a pony is murdered, and you go around town searching for clues and questioning people. You can't just brute force clues though, there are so many possible item-item, item-pony, evidence-pony possibilities that you actually have to think about the clues you see to continue on.

(By the way, pic is not mine, just needed a placeholder. I don't plan on using the click-to-walk and walk-smell-use-listen action system)
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Do it!
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Interesting idea. But I recommend Flash instead of JavaScript.

The idea is however rather undeveloped. Think that you could write up a few pages worth of design and come back?
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I don't use Flash. I see the appeal of it, and was tempted before you mentioned it, but I decided against it. JS is lighter weight, should load faster, runs on more platforms, is more future proof, and I already know it.

I will indeed come back after I have fleshed some more out and written the "engine". I was just hoping I could bounce ideas off someone how the engine works, etc.
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I like the idea of grey tone woona's game XD
>> No. 43516
So, you need any help now?
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