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Hello everypony.
My Little Pony : Elements of Dissonance is a 2d platformer fan-game with six playable characters, and every pony has her own special ability.

In this story Mane Six encounters powerful and mysterious enemy from the past and his so-called “Elements of Dissonance”. Our heroes must explore various levels and fight bosses to find out who is standing behind this.

We’re looking for programmers (the previous one left because he was too busy to continue working on the project) and mappers.
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>> No. 43465
You know, it would help if you provided more details. Like say, any and all things about the engine.
>> No. 43477
Please read the sticky and try again.
>> No. 43478
"Remember that they aren’t strict rules"
>> No. 43479
You try saying something useful. Explain what the perceived problem is. Or at least try to mention it by name.

I see no problem with this post, aside from the missing technical details.
>> No. 43484
Language and engine would be nice things to mention.
>> No. 43494
Hey, if you need some music send me an email.

[email protected]
>> No. 43512
The graphics are simply amazing, the pixel work is even better than mine, my congratulations, this project really looks promising!
>> No. 44181
>Making a game
>Not having a blog or site

At least get a fucking Twitter.
>> No. 44184
Keep obnoxious, rude comments to yourself. There are other ways to express suggestions.
>> No. 44189
I really hope to hear more on this game, it's buck'in gorgeous looking. Like a high-budget Genesis era game. I might be able to help out with programming, do you have an engine already?
>> No. 44529
Where the hell are you when people are being genuine assholes and acting like they're disabled? Like 24/7 on /collab/ and /pony/, respectively.
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