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File 135745401007.png - (681.80KB , 1226x1001 , pony_de_pon_by_sapo100-d45knsh.png )
43482 No. 43482
Hello, I'm just throwing this idea out here for the moment, to get a feel on things...

I'd be particularly interested in making a Pony-styled Tetris Attack game. I imagine the game would be generally similar to the Panel de Pon games of yore, but possibly some twists, like giving characters particular abilities, or powerups to affect the field of battle, stuff like that. Thing is, would anyone be interested in such a game? And if so, would anyone be willing to help in programming or art?

Nothing specific at the moment, just testing the waters for interest.
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>> No. 43483
Tetris Attack/Pokémon Puzzle League is one of my favorite games ever. I'd play a pony version of it.

I dunno about abilities or items, though. Items could work, maybe. If you want abilities, then I'd suggest something similar to Tetris Battle Gaiden, instead.
>> No. 43488
I like tetris attack but terribly bad at in... anyway I can help with vector arting
>> No. 43490
File 135750727043.gif - (64.58KB , 360x360 , twilight clap.gif )
I would LOVE to see this happen. Sadly, I don't have any skills to contribute besides ideas.
>> No. 43495
I'm gonna let this sit here for about a week before I decide whether or not I'm seriously gonna move on it. If anyone wants to talk to me about it anyway, though, I'm on Skype as prominenceflare, or you can email me (link to email in my name)
>> No. 43505
File 135761520151.png - (83.73KB , 387x466 , hipster_rainbow_dash_by_blackfeathr-d3i5yd7[1].png )
You mean a Pony-styled Panel De Pon game.

*hipster glasses*
>> No. 43507
*Hisses at the glasses.*

It buuuuurns uuuuusss!
>> No. 43508
Funny you should mention this. I was just thinking about this today as a potential pony game. Before seeing this thread in fact.
>> No. 43511
i think this is the kind of games for playing on a android
>> No. 43518
Panel De Pony
>> No. 43531
Close enough, I've thought about it, conversed with some other folk, and decided to move ahead with the idea. So I'm now actively looking for any vector artists to help with GUI and special effects. A programmer versed in C# and Unity would be welcome, too. Hit me up on Skype at prominenceflare or [email protected] if you're interested.
>> No. 43532
You respond to yourself. It was going to respond for me? (>>43488)
>> No. 43535
Nah, I respond to myself for general updates is all. Just saying I'm gonna go ahead and try for this, so I'll need help.
>> No. 43540
You're kind of silly, you know that? That anon had already asked you about doing vector art, and you never responded XD
>> No. 43543
...point. Sorry about that. In my (minor) defense, I did mention he could get in contact with me any time; that still holds true. He or she is welcome to contact me however possible, or respond in the thread again with some contact info so we can start talking.

Sorry for the ignoring. It was silly of me.
>> No. 43554
I add on skype, name Fantos
>> No. 43561
Added you.

Naturally, anyone else is welcome in the meantime.
>> No. 43941
Game actually isn't dead, but we could use a programmer; preferably in Unity, HMTL5 (Construct 2) or Flash. Any of the above would be nifty, thanks.
>> No. 43943
File 136010322719.jpg - (22.94KB , 485x346 , 132314142594.jpg )
I do like Tetris..
If you need music, I could help out in that department.

Though otherwise I don't have much I can contribute.
>> No. 43944
Music will be needed, but I'd prefer to have something playable before worrying about that. Can keep in touch though- feel free to add me on Skype.
>> No. 43945

Tetris Attack is actually something of a misnomer. Panel de Pon/Puzzle League is actually a series where blocks/panels rise from the bottom of the screen and you have to rearrange them using a cursor to form combos and chains to drop garbage on your opponent's board. Basically, it's sort of crazy reversed bizarro-world Tetris.

(Also the Japanese characters are really really cute~)

That sounded horribly pretentious of me. Ah well. Basically what you need to know is that you won't need to remix Korobeiniki for this project.
>> No. 43947
Sounds good. I'll add you next time I'm on. Same handle as on here?

Oh, I know - but thanks for clarifying.
I would've preferred to go the route of an original composition, anyway. I don't care for remixing, I'm a composer.
>> No. 44014
Due to 'recent events', I've decided that it's more prudent to focus on original IP than an MLP fangame, and thusly will be focusing more on that. It might still be Panel de Pon related, but it won't be Pony.
>> No. 44033

I think, so long as you keep development relatively underground and don't try to make any money off of it, you shouldn't have too much of an issue.
>> No. 44071
The game could be coded such that it's easy to change out the characters, perhaps even having files that are loaded as characters with all of their assets and any related data. Then it wouldn't have to be pony to be pony (it would also end up being homestuck, touhou and whatever else, lol).

I once looked for a PC version of the game and couldn't find one, and was sad because netplay on zsnes doesn't generally work well enough for me.
>> No. 44072

If that happened, everyone would add their own dumb characters and repost the whole thing elsewhere as their own, code and all.
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