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Not sure whether to put this in /g/ or /collab/ but look!
>MLP: Fighting is Magic
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>> No. 43524
File 135771783040.jpg - (112.45KB , 1002x576 , ss (2013-01-09 at 03_39_51).jpg )

Whoop, forgot to put this in the OP as well
>> No. 43526
I really hope FiM wins this. This year will be my first EVO after saying I was going to go for the last five years.
>> No. 43527
Oh wow, knew it was a good idea to vote for it :P.
Anyway, I honestly didn't expect that FiM would even stand a chance for this years EVO. Yet we actually have a legit chance to get it in there, and considering that many bronies seem to have a huge wallet...

In all honesty now, I personally think that getting MLP:FiM into the short list is already good enough. We obviously got the attention we need to get into next years EVO.
I mean, if it gets voted in, thats certainly great, but I'm not sure if mane6 will be able to bring out V1.0 before EVO even begins. And having a buggy game at a major tournament is probably going to hurt the reputation of FiM and their developers in the long run.

But hey, maybe I'm a bit too pessimistic and mane6 is farther in their development than they show. I would still certainly look forward to MLP:FIM @ EVO.
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