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43558 No. 43558
Hey guys!
So, for a Game Design project in school I decided to do a My Little Pony game in which Pinkie Pie captures poachers. We have to make the game educational while still making it fun. I have the art that I need done, but I'm rusty in Actionscript 2.0 programming, if you'd be willing to help I should only need you for the night. It's a rather simple game and it'd be greatly appreciated if you'd help, thank you!
I'll open up an irc if this thread gets any responses where we can talk and code and whatnot
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>> No. 43559
Uhm, you aren't serious about using as 2 are you? That's an obsolete language that no one uses. Move on to ActionScript 3.0. Heck, I will even help you migrate.

Drop by on ##flash @freenode if you want my help.
>> No. 43562
I'm reading this big book about actionscript 2.0

I know 2.0 is outdated but I want to experience the "fun" of writting actionscript 2.0 at least once, get me? Now everything is 3.0 I don't learn about the "history" which I'm very interested about.

To be honest I don't know much actionsctipt 2.0, but I have lots of experience with JavaScript, which is kinda the same, I can offer you assistance But don't count with me
>> No. 43564
There is no history to be learned. They are almost identical for a competent coder.

The main difference is the type safety and real OO. All of the API design remains the same. There is no reason to ever consider using as 2.

Also, if you want history then you should go for AS 1. Man was that a horrible language.
>> No. 43565
>AS 1.0
If I could I would, but I don't know how, if you know how to, link me, please.

Com'on, dude pls let this project be 2.0, pls, pls
>> No. 43567
You're as stubborn as a mule. Realism has stated a good case, and I truly don't see any reason to use something that's out of date and almost equivalent to the latest version. It just sounds like a recipe for disaster, and I don't want to see that from your project.
>> No. 43570

Realism is also a borderline parasprite who has been stalking this board for months to do nothing but criticrize -everything- and attempt to push his own "improvements" that always involve absurds amounts of extra work which he's -never- willing to carry on his own shoulders. He basically drops by to say "No, you suck, this sucks, do this instead because I say so" and keeps playing that broken record no matter how many times he's told "No, thanks".

In fact, I have absolutely no memories of any fanproject that Realism had changed for the better, but I do remember him poking his nose everywhere to spread confusion and negativity and causing more than one fight because of his stubborn atitude.

He may dole out good advice now and then, but his terrible reputation makes very difficult to take it seriously.
>> No. 43578
You haven't linked any AS 1.0 resource yet.
>> No. 43581
Action Script 2.0 will be fine if you're learning it for class. How exactly does your poacher catching game work?
>> No. 43585
It's poor practice. You learn bad habits and make messes that are difficult to work with. Correct design is important in software development.

And "learning it for class" is a bad excuse. You take classes for a reason, to learn how to do something. If you genuinely care about the subject then you should treat the exercises seriously.

And no "it's too advanced" excuses either. Yes, advanced things take a little more time to learn. But how much? Not a lot, maybe an additional hour here and there.
As for being too advanced for someone to learn? Doesn't apply here. OO and AS 3 is entry level material. People write a lot to explain simple stuff.

I may not always be polite. But I am civil, stand for my statements and generally have sound advice. As for not doing any of the work, I prefer to mentor rather than to do work for people. I help people when they have problems. And I am not omnipotent. There are things I can't do. Even if I know of them and think that they would be a good solution.

If you have a problem with my input then feel free to give me criticism. And please, stick to the actual input. I never say "listen to me because I am great". I explain my reasoning.

Anyway, my offer still stands. In fact, it applies to anyone who wants some Flash help.
>> No. 43591
Yes, Realism does give a lot of ideas, but he does try to back them up with reasoning. As he said, he doesn't know everything, but I side with him here. Why? Because, he's given the logic proving his point. Perhaps a bit bluntly, but the points still stand, and being a logical person, I'm just following the facts.

>>43578 I never intended to. I do not have a resource for it, I do not know where to get one, nor do I know anything about Actionscript whatsoever short of what's been said here. I was just pointing out your stubbornness, not offering you something. I find it a little insulting to be honest, as you behaved like my linking of that post somehow requires me to get it for you. That's not how it works, and until you can straighten out your stubborn attitude, I'm not gonna think anything of this project whatsoever. Good luck getting help.
>> No. 43592

Realism does nothing but talk.That's all what he does, criticrize, attempt to shoehorm absurd ideas that only cause extra problems and close his ears to any opinion that doesn't suit his own.

I have never seen him joining a project to do any kind of work, because as himself says, he offer ideas but has no idea of how to follow his own advice and isn't willing to even try.

You could replace him with a spambot and nobody would tell the difference, neither of the message or the results.

Honestly I have no idea of why some people defends a guy who does nothing at all.
>> No. 43593
I strongly disagree, I listen to counterarguments and partake in the debate properly. I do change my mind if a better option is brought to my attention.

As for "shoehorning in absurd ideas", that's just not true. There is a difference between pointing out that something difficult would be neat and forcing people to do something. I present ideas and give advice. I don't direct.

And I believe that there is no bad time to come with an idea. It is up to project management to decide which ideas to pursue and when to pursue each idea. I can argue for and against ideas, but I respect that it is not my call to make.

And comparing me to a spambot? That's a low blow.

You think that it is strange that people defend me? I find it strange too. But the thing is, they see my actions and understand my intent. You make a lot of accusations, but you don't back them up. I can't be the only one that can tell when your argument doesn't hold up.

I think that your problem boils down to "He is just talking. I don't think that talking is something useful. Therefore, he isn't doing anything useful.". I disagree, I think that talking over ideas is important. You can't satisfy everyone, but you can satisfy more people if you listen to what they have to say.
>> No. 43595
See? He just took the accusations against him and presented the facts to show the intended result. I would have to call you blind if you can't see that he's trying to help, and that would kill what little faith I would have in your project.
>> No. 43598
File 135822407314.png - (168.98KB , 714x1119 )
Some of you might not like how others try to contribute around here, but please refrain from derailing threads with personal opinion tangents. If you have a specific disagreement with something someone suggests, stick to the disagreement and let the OP decide who's advice looks the best.

Examples and reasoning are what matter.
>> No. 43599
I think that OP is a different Annon. It gets tricky to keep people separate if they are anonymous.
>> No. 43600
Its fine to use AS 2.0. I had to learn GM7 for school when GM8 was already out. Now I use GM8 even though they are about 2 or 3 versions ahead. It doesn't matter what version you use. Just find what you want to use.

As for the game, since you have some art, do you have mockup screenshots of what this might look like?

Next, how educational exactly? Is it to get a certain point across? Does it have to be on a specific subject? Clarify a bit.

Finally, get a name. Being an Anon won't help you...
>> No. 43617
I'm still waiting for OP
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