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This is a project I've been planning for a while, and am finally ready to start development. Anyone who wants to join in is free to do so.

What is this project?

Spike's Adventure (not to be confused with Spike's Quest) is an action/adventure platformer game. It is set in Ponyville, Cloudsdale, and Canterlot, and will consist of 6 stages.

The GDD can be found here:

What's the technology?
This is going to be an HTML5 game, and will be almost entirely developed in the browser. A website is currently in development, and will feature online development and collaboration tools. The goal is to allow developers to login to the website, and manage their own content for the game, as well as allow the developer to preview a demo of everything that's been done so far at any stage in development.

More information can be seen in the Technical Design Document:

The beginnings of the website can be found here:

Don't expect much content for a few weeks. I'm building most of it on my local machine, and will upload content in bulk a little at a time.

So, who are you, anyway?

Well, I'm a brony, like everyone else here. I've worked in software development for a few years, and have a couple years of game industry experience under my belt. I've worked with professional game designers and artists, have managed a game engine for a year, and have experience making development tools for game designers and artists in the industry.

I have spent the last few years designing this game, using the experience I've gained from the industry, as well as my experience playing 16-bit games on my favorite console, the SNES.

My favorite games are Super Mario World, Earthworm Jim, Megaman X, and Super Metroid. I hope to make a game with similar gameplay for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Okay, but what can I do?

Right now, I'm still in the kickoff stage. As things are getting started, I'd like to see who's out there, and what their passion is. Once the website is up, you can register a developers account and contribute to the game in whatever way you see fit. A complete assets list is on its way, and you'll be able to see exactly what you can draw, compose, program, or design for the game. For now, you can browse the GDD and get a feel for the game, and see if it's something you'd like to be a part of.

Also, in case anyone is wondering, the GDD is not set in stone. If anyone sees a problem or has any suggestions, feel free to discuss.
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I'll be giving small updates now an again.

I just got the development interface up for core development. It's split up into core game mechanics, and development tools.

I'm hoping to have the GUI for the tools and the basic mechanics of the game done by the end of the month. I'll be posting pics of the UI as I work it out, as well as any functional demonstrations.

Once the core of the game and tools is finished, I'll be setting up a database so developers can log in and contribute. Goal deadline for that is the beginning of April. I'll keep you posted.
>> No. 43691
The layouts of the development interfaces are complete, and I will be fleshing them out over the next week. I'll be uploading screenshots and providing links so people can see what they'll have to work with.

Implementation of the interfaces won't be done for another month or so, but eventually I will be linking to interactive demos of the tools, probably some time either in February or March.
>> No. 43700
File 135881862965.png - (34.36KB , 1142x875 , ArtInterface.png )
So, this is a screenshot of the interface, as it looks in Chrome. Unfortunately, it's still messing up in Internet Explorer, but at least it looks descent in Firefox. I'll have to get a poll of how many people here use Internet Explorer. It seems to be the odd browser out when it comes to displaying things.

Anyway, the interface is pretty simple, and basically reflects a lot of other vector-graphics drawing interfaces out there. Mostly you just draw lines and curves, and adjust their stroke and fill, layering them until it looks how you want. It's perfect for the simple vector art that ponies are drawn from, and not too bad for basic backgrounds. Also, that blank white on the right-hand side will be a list of the individual elements, which you can select and edit using the control panel at the bottom.

So, the idea is, once you've got your lines and such, you'll be able to animate it using the next interface, which will allow you to generate keyframes and attach rigs and whatnot. It's a lot easier to animate vector art fluently than it is raster, IMHO. I may still add a raster import, though, for those artists who enjoy the more traditional route, especially for backgrounds and such.

Some additions I may add later:

1) Zoom tool
2) Grid
3) SVG Import
4) Rotoscope Backdrop

And, just for the hay of it, here's a link.

Doesn't do anything yet, and if you have Explorer it won't look right - but I figure it's a start.
>> No. 43707
Why the fourth tool look so sad? :(
>> No. 43771
File 135917275966.png - (53.82KB , 1148x873 , LinesAndStuff.png )
Finally, a little something to play with.

The buttons are actually "pressable", but they don't really do much right now.

The big update is that you can now draw multi-chain lines. Each time a new chain is added, you can see it selected in the area to the right. When you click on the blue, it deselects it, and you can create a new chain.

Eventually, the right-hand side will be where all visual elements will be displayed, and will act as the artist's management area.

My next step is to either implement the remaining object types (curves, circles, text, etc...), or make the lines editable through the interface at the bottom. One or the other should be done by the end of the week.
>> No. 43832
File 135959851755.png - (93.58KB , 916x836 , Spike Attempt.png )
The drawing tools are in one of those states where "technically" everything is possible, but it's hard as heck to do anything major or practical with them yet. Add a programmer trying to draw something, and what do you get? A feeble attempt at drawing Spike's head that ends up looking like some bad MS Paint drawing.

It's a descent demo of what's possible at this point, though:

1) Lines
2) Curves
3) Shapes
4) Fill and Stroke
5) Color choosing
6) Selection

Text also works, although you can't see it from the picture.

The other major hurtle I jumped over is that it also works in Firefox! I realized this wasn't working in the last post, but after working on it a bit, I finally got it displaying and responding correctly.

Things left at this point:

1) Editing
2) Re-ordering
3) Curve Breaking
4) Copy-Paste
5) Undo
6) Saving / Loading
7) Deleting

All these would have been really handy when drawing Spike here, and once they're implemented, I expect to make a much-improved Spike's head, just to show off the difference it will make.

It'd still like to find some graceful way of handling the "over-under" problem. For example, Spike's spines are both in back of, and in front of, his head. I'd like his spines to be one object, so they're easier to animate. I'll think of something...

Oh! And I'll also put another link, so people can try out all the tools for themselves. (Still doesn't work in i.e. I'm working on it.)
>> No. 43890
Looks promising but maybe for the majority of people will be more easy have a editor with a pre made forms like APB reloaded vector stuff is difficult if you don't know how to use (for many people really is) also if you need feedback use deviantart or use equestriadaily , the majority of people here are developers and they are a bit busy make his own stuff
>> No. 44092
File 136089921873.png - (86.67KB , 1159x878 , Spike-partial.png )
I'm almost there! The creation and editing are finished, so I'm down to the final stretch.

As you can see in the picture, I can now break and smooth curves, and I have a lot more control. I'm not quite to the point where I'm willing to try extreme detail work yet, but I'm getting there.

Based on my last post, the only things I haven't implemented yet are copy/paste, Undo, and Saving/Loading. However, after using the tool a bit, I've decided to add a bit more for ease of use:

1) Binding
2) Copy/Paste
3) Marquis
4) Undo
5) Rotate/Scale
6) Zoom
7) Save/Load
8) Hide Layer
9) Recenter/Move Image
10) Insert/Remove sub-elements (e.g. points in a curve, etc...)

I should be pretty much finished with this tool in the next few weeks.

Again, here's a link:

Use the arrow button to adjust shapes that are already created.

Arrow Keys: Move layer draw order
Delete: Remove layer
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