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File 135827277052.gif - (2.27KB , 106x96 , space_right_awe.gif )
43607 No. 43607
Yes you can believe your eyes. We finally have a new OC Desktop Pony Thread! If you want you can still find the old one at >>35944
This is where you can show off any non g4, fannon or OC ponies. Here is the link to all the ponies that people have wanted to share. If your pony is not in there and you wanted it shared instead of just critiqued or helped with then let me know and I will toss it in.

This is meant to be a place to share, get critique, advice, ideas and is not meant to be a request thread for someone to make your OC There are plenty of tutorials to help you out if you want to make your own pony. I suggest checking out monkeyjays video tutorial located here which includes a base pony to get started on. All current templates can be found here There may also be some tutorials popping up on the desktop ponies forums that you can take a look at too The main program is also located there with all the cannon g4 ponies.

Now if you want any of these ponies in your regular desktop ponies program just drag the folders of the ponies that you want into the ponies folder of your regular dtp program to add them! Yes it is that simple. For the sea ponies since there are so many I made a new category which you will want to add if you add them to your main program.
Open your desktop ponies.exe
goto options
click custom filters
type in SeaPony
click change
click save
and you are done.

New art credits
Version 1.02

Smooze by StarStep
Flitterheart by Vulcan539
Internet Explorer by Rooster Dragon
Saria_the_Frost_Mage by Anonymous
Four Block by NerdPony
Tinker by vulcan539
8 bit ponies by Rooster Dragon and StarStep
Golden Acorn by Tyranico
Nameless by Vulcan539
Space Rebound by Space K. Green
Sky Popper by fanofetcetera
SlenderMane by GamerLake
72 music artists' and other's OCs by Melody
Wind Whistler by StarStep

The full art credit can be found in the program folder.

Have fun!~

Last edited at Tue, Jan 15th, 2013 12:54

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>> No. 43613
File 135827975070.gif - (17.80KB , 106x96 , firefly-fly-right.gif )
Also, if you have created a good OC or other non canon pony you want to share, feel free to post it as an attachment in the submissions sub-forum. :)

That said, you can download Firefly there to go with Surprise.
>> No. 43618
File 135830364067.gif - (16.57KB , 106x96 , Silent-Rain-Right.gif )
Ooh cool :3 I actually just started this, finished my first one of my OC this morning :D For now I just have trotting left and right and am working on an idle gif.
Sooo yeah tips, tricks, critiques, advice, I'm all ears.
>> No. 43629
File 135837905332.gif - (3.04KB , 106x96 , Left-blink-blink-nod.gif )
Well, Here's the little idle animation I mentioned I was working on. Just for a test I used the last few 2 or so frames to make a sort of head bobbing animation, but I'll Probably come back to that when I figure out how to make it look a little more natural rather than one of those "PARTY HARD!" Gifs (Nothing against them, some of them are awesomely hilarious XD)

This is fun ^w^ Next step is trying to figure out how to actually get it into the program to see him trotting around my desktop. Any tips, or advice with the animations would be awesome
>> No. 43630
File 135837921253.gif - (3.04KB , 106x96 , Left-blink-blink-nod.gif )
Well, Here's the little idle animation I mentioned I was working on. Just for a test I used the last few 2 or so frames to make a sort of head bobbing animation, but I'll Probably come back to that when I figure out how to make it look a little more natural rather than one of those "PARTY HARD!" Gifs (Nothing against them, some of them are awesomely hilarious XD)

This is fun ^w^ Next step is trying to figure out how to actually get it into the program to see him trotting around my desktop. Any tips, or advice with the animations would be awesome
>> No. 43642
Well... the animation looks pretty good. The back of the mane could do with a bit more bounce, but that's basically it. :)
>> No. 43650
Sweet ^w^ Heheh I remember when I was trying to give the mane some bounce I messed something up XD The whole mane looked like it was alive O_o I'll revisit it when I can :3 (srry about the double post, the forums were acting all weird yesterday)
>> No. 43654
I think he looks good. What botchan said and maybe give a little more time in between blinks for his idle. Good job.
>> No. 43668
File 135861842808.gif - (7.84KB , 100x170 , Just-hangin.gif )
I really hope I'm not going to be the only one posting here, I feel kindof bad XS Well anyways, here's a rough dragging gif that I was thinking of using for this character. By looking at it I came up with maybe a few things to tweak

-Having one of the hind legs to the side instead of sticking straight up (I used the balancing Zecora to make a base for this.)

-Finding a way to make the front legs (arms?) Dangle a l little more (for right now they're kindof static)

One other thing I noticed is that the hair and mane hanging down should be moving to look a little more natural, but I'm kindof stuck on how to do that or which sections to lasso up and move to give the hair and mane a more natural look. Also if anyone here finds something that might be able to improve on I'd be happy to hear it ^w^
>> No. 43669
Btw, thanks for the feedback guys ^w^
>> No. 43699
File 135881680200.png - (2.21KB , 60x60 , johndelancie.png )
How look, I make it using the exact colour from the Doc
I for my 'personal' proyect and I only need a stand pose, fell free to continue the remaining work if you want
>> No. 43701
Even if your jsut doing that one frame, it looks very nice.
Good work
>> No. 43703
File 135882263733.png - (2.23KB , 60x60 , johndelancie.png )
Ok I noticed that I forget a Hoof
fixed now
>> No. 43736
Very nice :)
>> No. 43791
File 135938310068.gif - (17.28KB , 106x96 , jamie1-trot-right.gif )
Adam and Jamie, just in case your desktop needs more science.
>> No. 43794

Time to make some FiM-looking explosions for your ponies, I guess...
>> No. 43878
File 135975898575.png - (88.92KB , 829x964 , twilight_sparkle_13_by_xpesifeindx-d5mddbk.png )
Somebody please help? i REALLY want to have my OC prance around on my desktop and do stuff with me, but i don't have the time or knowledge of photoshop and such to make her into a desktop pony. can someone PLEASE help me?

>> No. 43880
Every part of that deserves a no.
>> No. 43882

It's just a recolor and you can easily do that all by yourself. You don't need photoshop or anything fancy and you can find plenty of online guides explaining how to recolor an animation as well.

Once you finish it, you can integrate it to Desktop Ponies by using the pony editor option, the rest is pretty much self explanatory.

And finally, the first post of this tread says:

>>"This is meant to be a place to share, get critique, advice, ideas and is not meant to be a request thread for someone to make your OC"

Sorry if this wasn't the answer you expected, but it will be the only answer you will receive no matter how many times you ask. Nothing personal at all, it's just the default answer to any requests posted here.
>> No. 43928
File 136003974527.png - (4.05KB , 106x100 , steelhooves2.png )
Hey so I decided I'd try to tackle the behemoth of a fic, Fallout Equestria. Enjoying so far. When I looked into our folder I saw little pip, calamity and velvet remedy but no steel hooves :(

Since there is no definitive look for him, I am wondering what to do with him. Here is what I made so far. I'd like opinions on him before I start animating the trot cycle to see if there's anyway to improve his look.
>> No. 43934
The hooves should be bigger.
>> No. 43936
Bigger hooves? Those hooves look big enough to me.
>> No. 43938
If he's supposed to be a robot or just wearing heavy armor, then the hooves should be bigger and more defined instead of being a mere continuation of the legs.
>> No. 43940
I think it looks fine. Make the legs too much bigger, they'll look more like logs than legs. Not even armored ponies would have legs quite that thick, at least not if they're going to be able to walk.
>> No. 43959
add a joint to the legs were the knee would approx be I think?
>> No. 44021
File 136050955560.gif - (42.73KB , 110x100 , lilyblossom-trot-right.gif )
A toy only pony who never appeared in the show, despite having a unique vector.
>> No. 44026
I really love her mane!
>> No. 44031
Heh. Thanks.
>> No. 44066
Aw,I was gonna do her.Well,she does look exactly how I was going to do her.
>> No. 44093
File 136089942682.gif - (25.41KB , 110x96 , capricorn-pose-right.gif )
Yep, all 13 ponies in a single download. Enjoy. :)
>> No. 44131
So you are not doing Ophiuchus?
>> No. 44137

No, Ophiuchus/Serpentarius is not there
>> No. 44139
Nope. I was thinking about making one, but then I decided to stick to the "official" Zodiac Ponies.
>> No. 44149
Wow Bot-chan those are all amazing. They look so cute either carrying or dressed up as their sign. I love how they have their own custom animations too. /)^3^(

I always wondered why she had her own vector? Plus they put her in most of the toylines, bushable, blindbag, mcdonalds toy. Makes me wonder if she was originally going to be in the show as a minor character role like cheerilee or perhaps she is an OC of one of the heads of the toy department. <_<
>> No. 44162
Thanks a lot :)

Yeah, I too wondered if she was going to have an important part in the show, at least in one episode, but no. Very mysterious indeed.
>> No. 44168
File 136132268241.jpg - (65.33KB , 696x727 , 201868__UNOPT__safe_zodiac_50e49a8da4c72d7c070001a3_artist-notapseudonym_sagittarius_constellati.jpg )

but, but is not suppoced that this are all OC, here not exist 'officials'
>> No. 44173
File 136133882056.jpg - (4.41KB , 134x89 , SOFUNNY.jpg )
That's so funny!
>> No. 44269
Hey, I'm back, and I'm working on an OC in the background. Not telling... wait till you see it. (This could be a spoiler but I am now also a Kingdom Hearts fan and thus I am intertwining it with MLP in my fanfics. SWEET!)
Oh, and one more thing... Sooooooo glad the new version is out. HOORAY!
>> No. 44271

Hopefully it will not be a recolor or a static Flash image made with the Pony creator?
>> No. 44277
You can see right now. I've been working on it since around 10:00 today (eastern time) and I'm still trying to finish it.
Anyway, here's what I have so far of my new stallion (my first!). I call him Sephiroth Pony. Still need to add a cape which I planned and the single wing. (Might even give him a prosthetic wing animation, LOL)
As you can tell the cutie mark is simple, but even I don't think three dots will be enough. Anyway, I'd better search on Google to get a few pictures of Sephiroth so I can put more details on this OC.
>> No. 44278
File 136224376903.gif - (11.84KB , 106x96 , sephiroth_trot_left.gif )
Whoops forgot the picture. XD
>> No. 44286

Please don't take this personally, but how old are you? Eleven?

The way as you talk and the things you do make me think you must be very, very young.
>> No. 44288
File 136229787660.gif - (14.38KB , 106x96 , ferrous_trot_left.gif )
My OC, my first attempt at making a desktop pony
>> No. 44289
Fourteen. (BTW I've already put the wing on the right animation, just need to do it for the left animation. Afterwards I will give you another update.)
>> No. 44291
File 136231920402.gif - (13.60KB , 106x96 , sephiroth_trot_left.gif )
Since Sephiroth has mismatched eyes, I'm going to show my OC on both the left side and the right side. (still working on a standing animation and perhaps make him a unicorn)
Here's left. Note that the wing goes behind him on left. That's because he only has one wing. I think.
>> No. 44292
File 136231928318.gif - (13.87KB , 106x96 , sephiroth_trot_right.gif )
And here's the right side. The wing is now in front because, like I said, he only has one wing.
>> No. 44293
File 136232427673.gif - (3.30KB , 106x96 , sephiroth_stand_left.gif )
Left standing...
>> No. 44294
File 136232431118.gif - (3.34KB , 106x96 , sephiroth_stand_right.gif )
...and right standing.
>> No. 44295

That doesn't look like Sephiroth at all and why is that wing blue? Looks like you were really desperate to finish everything as fgast as you could and you never bothered to really pay attention to what you were doing.

Among other things, the mane and the tail look like pieces of cardboard and they don't resemble Sephiroth's hairstyle at all.

Try again, do it SLOWLY and finish one pose before rushing to make four at once.
>> No. 44296
I know... I'm still a beginner. (apparently I need glasses to make OC's correctly)
I'm totally lost here. I've never been able to do things right... I always mess up even in my everyday life.
I guess I'd better go back to Google Images to find another picture to use for reference. :(
>> No. 44297
Cut down the drama, please. If you always mess things up, then that's your problem and not a blanket excuse.

Don't post any other image here until you practice and especially, pay attention to the things you do. Making a single crappy pony can be understood but when you spam a lot of animations at once makes you look like you are paraspriting this thread on purpose by flooding it with horrible stuff.
>> No. 44298
I told you I was a beginner... besides, it was still a work in progress. I should have told you guys. If you want me to keep going just say it, but if you don't, just make sure that you don't screw me. Mainly because I already screwed myself.
>> No. 44299
File 136233183003.gif - (3.78KB , 106x112 , sephiroth_idle_right.gif )
I had to start the whole thing over from scratch. If I went wrong somewhere on here just let me know and I'll fix it.
>> No. 44317

That's not something made you from "scratch", you simply took one of Bot-Chan's ponies (Flim to be exact) and recolored it in black.
>> No. 44320
I made the tall stallion template public, so he's probably using that. It's okay.
>> No. 44321
File 136243390477.png - (2.47KB , 57x57 , donut.png )
Was 3 AM I have imsonia, I create this pony and finally I can sleep XD

Oh another one shoot from my 'persona' project

I say: I need only one shoot, this is why are only one shoot
>> No. 44322
File 136243643713.png - (597B , 53x56 , tall stallion idle.png )
No I didn't. I used this template included with the OC Ponies download. Look in the zipped "Templates" folder if you want proof.
>> No. 44323
File 136243724671.jpg - (5.34KB , 240x172 , sephiroth 1.jpg )
This is one of two pictures I am using for reference while I do my OC. This one's the front view.
>> No. 44324
File 136243735318.jpg - (10.37KB , 216x234 , seriously i am scared sick by this photo.jpg )
And here's the back view. This picture shows the wing as blue, so I incorporated that into my OC.
>> No. 44325
Bot-Chan made that template...

Wow, now THIS looks pretty.
>> No. 44327
File 136243954110.gif - (3.80KB , 106x112 , sephiroth_idle_right.gif )
Okay... so I pretty much made a few fixes on Sephiroth pony.
For one, I added the bangs (or whatever the heck they're called) and tried my best to make it really look like Sephiroth. I also made the wing folded and not spread. Any tips, suggestions, or whatever will be accepted and, if there is something wrong, I'll fix it again.
BTW I made a whole pony body from scratch a few times and it always turned out horrible and very uneven, no matter how hard I tried. A little trivia for you. (not meant to be offensive)
>> No. 44336
I don't remember Sephiroth ever having mismatched eyes. They're bright Mako green. Here:

Also, although the black coat is supposed to evoke the black of his leather outfit, it simply doesn't work here because, as far as colors go, fans are more likely to think of his silver hair first. Maybe add grey shoulder pads and other hints of his armor or something? Adding Masamune would help tremendously as well.

Also, although his hair looks a little bit closer to the weird thing his bangs do in this newer iteration, it's not quite there yet. Make it defy gravity even more.
>> No. 44337
Oh wait, you made Masamune his cutie mark. I think it would make a better appearance as an actual sword, but that's okay too.

Also, if you are going with his black/blue wing from KH, make the blue darker than that. As it is, it looks kind of out of place.
>> No. 44339

That pony's muzzle doesn't evoke Seph at all.
In fact, there's nothing Sephiroth-like on that pony, period.
>> No. 44341
I didn't see that on the picture I used. Either the picture is biased or I need glasses.
I guess I DO need glasses.
>> No. 44342
>I guess I DO need glasses.

What you really need is stop rushing things and actually pay attention to what you do before posting it here.
After all, this is not a race and neither is a quest to get some E-attention.
>> No. 44348
That one does look better with that added hair but the rest of hair doesnt really invoke the look of him. You have the other part of the mane as a straight blocky haircut when his hair looks more wild and would be more spread out. Id have his tail be a little more winding in its look too. If you are going to have the wing, I would probably have it be open and have it have it be tri color (dark at the base to a lighter blue at the tips)to create that effect that I see in his pictures. I think princess luna's wing would work best. It might work if you use princess cadence's folded wing cause his wing is always seen as huge and the regular pony wing is just too small.

He looks pretty good. His cutie mark reminds me of a typewriter in how it goes back and forth XD
There is a jitter in his tail that could probably be fixed to make him look nicer. Good job on your first pony :)

Oh she is pretty. That frosted look is very cute. Are you going to animate her?
>> No. 44359
File 136264841333.gif - (7.43KB , 92x118 , Sparkles-spinning.gif )
Using what was provided in the templates I made a little spinning bases. I made this one of a friend of mine's Oc. Using the base I made (was made with help of the templates just want to make it clear I'm not claiming it completely as my own) I might make this spinning gif for friends OCs (completely free as gifts ofcourse)

Anyways This was the first spinning one I made. anyone have any input on it? Anything I can do differently next time? anything I can tweak or fix? I'm all ears ^w^
>> No. 44364

Looks like a bear...
>> No. 44369
I guess I can see that in the front view XD
so, any suggestions how to make it look more pony than bear? :3
>> No. 44375
File 136276647271.gif - (21.84KB , 100x102 , Erroiria-stand.gif )
Between everything else I have to draw, I managed to make /mlp/'s New Princess, Princess Erroria.

Her Walk cycle is intentionally glitched, and she leaves tiny error "X's" around your desktop, ENJOY~
>> No. 44376
File 136276652384.gif - (11.12KB , 100x80 , Erroiria-fly-left-real.gif )
Oops almost forgot the download link

Sorry about that ^^;
>> No. 44378

she is canon or almos the wikia use the same name for the same color-chema from pony

alicorn where? on Twilight imagination was an Alicorn, in Ponyvile was an earth, pegasus, unicorn cutiemark'ed, blank flank, but all canon

I think that this need go to the Official Desktop Ponies and no here

and you forget transparency in one pixel in the wing pose in the tail, or is intentional??

Last edited at Fri, Mar 8th, 2013 22:54

>> No. 44382
The character itself may be canon, the constant glitching however is not. I guess this really is one of those special cases, much like the infamous cyclops pony or Princess Swanlestia.
>> No. 44383

She is not canon.
>> No. 44389
File 136288696742.png - (43.36KB , 164x175 , S02E03_Princess_Erroria_alicorn_error.png )
She is the same pony, whit the same name and the same all

this not clasify as canon?? (image S02E03 during the imagination of Twilight in the Pony Kindergarten again)
>> No. 44390
haha that is pretty clever. Nice job.

Its the fannon attributes that make her fit in here. If it was just a regular walk cycle etc, then yeah she would go in the regular program. Here she is doing the cute glitchy thing which is not canon. Therefore she fits in the OC Desktop Ponies. Remember that this is not just for OC ponies but fannon, pre g4 ponies and the like.
>> No. 44436
Yes, thats correct.
I tried to make her the 404 causing, glicthy pony that the bronies on /mlp/ ,made her.

Which is why I stuck her in here.
>> No. 44470
Have the Browser OC ponies been made into desktop ponies yet?
>> No. 44481
Hello. I have created a Slendermane Desktop pony, and I submitted his trot cycle to the other thread. His idle sprite was requested by Starstep. I was wondering if he ever made it into the program (it's completely ok if he didn't). It was post No. 43557, if that helps, on here

**EDIT: Herp Derp, sorry about that. Just saw the note at the top.

Last edited at Wed, Mar 20th, 2013 08:09

>> No. 44482
I put him in there. Since there's so many ponies now it may be a little harder to find him but he's there. Thanks again for making him. He is a pretty cool design.

I've only put in people's OC's who have requested they go in the program. If you get the gif files from the artists you can easily add their ponies to your desktop ponies program. Just use the pony editor or copy an existing pony.ini file and edit that to get them running in yours.
>> No. 44502
File 136398896500.gif - (15.27KB , 106x96 , icepack trot wip.gif )
Oh well, why not?
Plus, everyone love some good spaghetti now and then.
>> No. 44503
File 136399675305.gif - (15.29KB , 106x96 , icepack normal trot.gif )
Normal trotting animation too.
>> No. 44504
File 136400860099.png - (698B , 80x74 , stupid sexy icepack.png )

A wip for now as the original pic I wanted to adapt was too gangly for this scale.
Also, thanks to Pony Noia for the inspiration, hohohohoho
>> No. 44717
File 136657608693.gif - (2.90KB , 80x74 , stupid sexy icepackb.gif )

Well, finally got enough willpower to add the tiny finishing touches, hahaha.
>> No. 44724
File 136666126053.gif - (1.25KB , 60x76 , danganya wip 1.gif )
First version of The Weaver's Danganya for Desktop Ponies, so she could follow Ice Pack around to creep him out.

Animating her will be toooooooooough...
>> No. 44873
My OC is Moonsorrow, I have a DA account for it, here is the image i'd like you to use
>> No. 44874
This isn't a request thread. Sorry, but you're in the wrong place for that.
>> No. 44881
What he said.
And that OC is horrible, to boot.
>> No. 45512
File 137557873618.png - (7.49KB , 125x85 , childrenofthenight.png )
Hi again, I was borring playing PF6 at midnight and I decide to draw any from the Based and I get that.. anyways, as same as JohnDeLancie OC that is a base or incomplete or whatever the name is

here is now your you, I see you in a couple of month more
>> No. 45614
File 137696522642.gif - (1.98KB , 106x96 , stand_right.gif )
I dabble in these things every so often so have my two contributions. I'm just gonna post the DA links here since the main Desktop Ponies site wont load for me for some reason.

Let me know on DA if you spot something weird or whatnot happening with them like a messed up animation or such. I'll do my best to check up on here but no guarantees.

>> No. 45658
File 137783418982.gif - (951B , 106x96 , stand_right.gif )
Still can't access the site so here I am posting my latest work. Button's mom from the Buttons Adventures animation.

Enjoy but not too much crazy pony people ;)

PS If you spot anything wrong note me on DA Thanks!

>> No. 45977
File 138701568038.png - (177.18KB , 894x894 , pony_id_by_muzzen-d4jdtuq.png )
did not mean to post as reply to this thred and now i can't delete it...sorry!!

Last edited at Sat, Dec 14th, 2013 03:13

>> No. 46019
File 138788143740.jpg - (66.22KB , 964x829 , my_oc_version_2_by_victoreditor-d6yhwzc.jpg )
Can you make my oc for Desktop ponies ?
my oc is here :
>> No. 46021

How about if you read the first post that's right on front of your eyes?

"This is meant to be a place to share, get critique, advice, ideas and is not meant to be a request thread for someone to make your OC"

> is not meant to be a request thread for someone to make your OC
> is not meant to be a request thread
>> No. 46055
File 138923027958.gif - (6.84KB , 110x100 , saddlebagstart_L.gif )
Originally made by ponyNoia; I wanted to see if I could add a couple of things on my own. No matter how much I fix it, it seems that her head keeps duplicating... Any advice?
>> No. 46056
What program do you use?
>> No. 46057
Yeah that happens when you don't have the frame restore to background. I know in photoshop if you right click on the frame in the animation bar, it should say something like automatic, dispose and restore to background. Select restore to background for all the frames. Hopefully it is something similar if you use a different program
>> No. 46058
Photoshop CS5.1.
>> No. 46059
They're all set to "Do not dispose", which is the only thing there besides "Dispose" and "Automatic".
>> No. 46060
Ok I just looked it up and restore to background got changed to dispose. Sorry when I was thinking what mine says I mixed it up. It says do not dispose or restore to background. So change it to dispose for each frame
>> No. 46064
It's fixed! Thanks so much!
>> No. 46109
File 139026517782.gif - (7.26KB , 53x48 , Brightburn Tort Cycle Final.gif )
First attempt using DP base so I made my OC Brightburn.
>> No. 46113
For a first attempt, that looks actually pretty good :)
>> No. 46183
File 139174385184.gif - (19.97KB , 110x100 , toolaroola-trot-right.gif )
G3 may not be the most popular MLP generation, but some of the character designs wouldn't look so bad in a G4 style.

That said, have a Toola-Roola:
>> No. 46185
Nice job. For some critique I'd say the front blond lock bounces a little too much but I do like how it matches the bounce in the back. It looks like you changed the stock eyes too. Nice work they look good. Gives him kind of a suave debonair demeanor. One thing is the bottom of the tail looks so flat since you have a whole bunch of pixels in a straight line. Changing just a few so they are not all in a row I think would help it just a bit. All in all a great job. Thanks for sharing.

I agree, it is fun seeing the g3 heck any previous generations of pony in g4 form. Toola-Roola I think was one of the more likeable ponies from that generation. Not as cool as minty in her socks but the beret works for her. Nice work.
>> No. 46234
Thank you :)
>> No. 46536
i will like a desktop pony made for me ( i do not know how or have the skill too ) but i will love it someone can make one of my OC
>> No. 46537
i will like a desktop pony made for me ( i do not know how or have the skill too ) but i will love it someone can make one of my OC
>> No. 46548
If you look at the first 2 paragraphs, you will see this is not a request thread. There are guides to help you try and make your own and you can ask for advice and critique here but we will not be making your OC for you.
>> No. 46586 heres all the ponys ive made :3
>> No. 46606
How long has it been since this was updated?
>> No. 46623
If the first post of this topic is any indication, it's been more than a year since the last update.
>> No. 46636
Oh geeze, would it be best to build a pony for this version of Desktop Pony Ocs, or use the more updated normal Desktop Ponies version?

Last edited at Sun, Apr 13th, 2014 03:40

>> No. 46658
Well, there's hardly any difference in creating them and the ponies would have to be added to the main program either way. Ponies made for older versions of the program are still compatible with the new versions for the most part, they just don't make use of some of the newer features.
>> No. 46673
But I tried using Ponies from this Version in the Official release. Some of them just made it crash.
>> No. 46680
Gosh I didn't realize it has been that long. I know a few things were changed in the way ponies work in the newer desktop pony version so I will try to go through and make sure they all work in that. I had to do the same when I made this version which required changing about 20 ponies that had various glitches.

Make the pony.ini for the newest version as that's what you should be using. There is not that much difference but better to keep current.
>> No. 46683
Ok I just tested the ponies out and none made the program crash. It might be that I tried out the ones I had in my version 1.03 folder but I don't think I had to change any besides a few where the speed of the gifs were set wrong but that wouldn't cause any crashes anyway. What ones made it crash if you remember?
>> No. 46864
File 140110934782.png - (214.56KB , 3320x2600 , Slash Dash.png )
I want my OC for Desktop Pony please

Last edited at Mon, May 26th, 2014 06:05

>> No. 46917
File 140208710357.png - (30.80KB , 830x650 , myPony.png )
You think you can beat the Water Dragon Slayer well think again
>> No. 46918
File 140212294291.gif - (12.14KB , 90x88 , fluffle-trot-right.gif )
>> No. 46961
File 140281335510.gif - (16.74KB , 76x84 , johndelancie-trot-right.gif )
>> No. 46978
File 140310467540.jpg - (9.34KB , 254x198 , tfggfh.jpg )
>> No. 47134
File 140827441194.png - (6.72KB , 191x238 , Fallen wing.png )
so yea who about thing Colt? can you guys make him please?
you can remove the white hoodie but not the headphones please... but i would be happier if you guys added the hoodie or do both.
>> No. 47171
File 141071705686.png - (12.65KB , 1273x152 , 133.png )
I would like to know the meaning of these parameters in the pony.ini file. May already have the manual, but I can't find it.
>> No. 47176
Oh, sorry, I forgat,that there is Pony Editor.
>> No. 47204
File 141272578774.png - (27.01KB , 830x650 , myPony.png )
>> No. 47205
File 141272587075.png - (27.01KB , 830x650 , myPony.png )
>> No. 47225
Hello, I'm missing something. I have an OC and I dragged the folder into the Pony Data directory per the instructions. The folder shows up in the directory but the OC doesn't how up in the main menu to be selected.

What am I missing?

>> No. 47226
There could be something wrong with the pony's code, but it's hard to tell without knowing the content of your OC's folder. Do you maybe have a download of that OC so I could take a look?
>> No. 47230
Thanks for the reply. I Just figured out what was up.

For reference, I'm using Xubuntu 14.04 and I believe the latest run of QT Ponies for Linux.

When I dragged the OC folder into the main pony folder the permissions changed and “locked out” all the contents of the OC folder.

The fix was to change the permissions (I used Nautilus as root) and give “root” read only instead of none.
>> No. 47393
Can you add <a href="">this?</a> It's a flying gif of my ponysona Inferno Flame
>> No. 47488
File 142267790727.png - (19.08KB , 96x96 , fgdsfgsdfg.png )
Hey, I'm a fan of MLP like probably anyone that contacts you. And my OC's name is Master Silvertongue. This is a link to his bio and the like.
I hope that you will consider adding him. But if you dont I understand.
>> No. 47503
There seems to be a distinct lack of a downloadable desktop pony on that page, so even if the OC pack gets updated sometime in the distant future, how are we supposed to add something that doesn't exist?
>> No. 47514
yo, I know I'm not suppose to ask for requests, but would anyone be interested in going a trade?

i draw lots of art and i'd love to draw a picture for anyone who can help me out with getting a desktop pony of my oc on my blog

my art can be found at:
>> No. 47542
File 142640511450.gif - (20.85KB , 106x104 , trotleft.gif )
Ok I made Kimi Sparkle. I thought about making it look like a really lazy, poorly made desktop pony with static hair and half the walkcycle or something to fit in with her parodying shoddy made OCs but I couldnt bring myself to do it. The color scheme was already enough to make me cry so I couldn't have it be that bad. Anyway enjoy and "I hope your day Sparkles!"
>> No. 47547
File 142688338349.jpg - (6.47KB , 146x160 , images (8).jpg )
>> No. 47552
I think you're in the wrong thread. This thread is for posting desktop ponies of your OCs, not just any random picture.
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