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Hello, I am looking for a team to start a project! Yes, looking for team members to help me make an RPG game (Source: RPG Maker VX Ace). This game will at least require a team of 6, recommended 8. Please email me back if you want to become part of the team, here are the basics of what the game will be for those who want to apply:

Your job will be making the basic themes, and menu pictures, and possibly backgrounds. Artists will also have to draw (mostly) everypony in the game, including different expressions.
Skill we are looking for: Descent

Spriters and Tileset artists:
This job will require all necessary ponies, and requested OC's (not too many of those) to be drawn as sprites. As for the tilessets, you will have to draw exterior of Ponyville, Everfree, Appaloosa, Tartarus. This will also include all interiors too.
Skill we are looking for: Expert

This is self explanatory, all you would have to do is compose music. We let you come up with creative ideas on music according to the place that music file goes to.
Skill we are looking for: Adequate

This is optional but very recommended. This job will require users to know how to use the scripting language in RPG Maker VX Ace. (RGSS3 Ruby). Creating a different battle system will be very needed so keep that in mind as well as creating other useful scripts.

Writing, Mapping, and Events will be done by me so do not worry about those,

IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that this is all volunteering, there will be no payments whatsoever. But you will be credited heavily on the work you have done. If you plan on joining make sure you do NOT have any other things in your personal life that will prevent you from doing this during the development of the game, or that you just "leave" because you now see the hardship of creating a game. (Unless of course your grandmother died and all of a sudden came up.)

If you want to join the team early, please email me and I may add you to the Skype group.
Email: [email protected]
Skype: kirenstrings

Keep in mind that an interview will also be needed.

Thank you for reading and I hope you take consideration of joining.

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So what makes your project unique compared to all the other RPG maker projects?
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[More info coming soon]
I don't want the Mane 6 being the characters you play as. Instead it is where the user gets to create their own pony. Other projects may have this idea too, but I want to make a project based on my perspective of normal life in Equestria. It's what this game is about. Developing a pony (pegasus or unicorn) by levels, meanwhile there are other fun stuff to do in ponyville, as it will have it's own time system.

I know this info wasn't added into the post, that is because I wanted to add this when all story lines are added into the post and let the people know what this game is really about instead of just their job. Although this is a recruitment post and this is all I have for now.

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You didn't said what will be your own share of the work, or if you are even going to do anything at all.

If you only came here to recruit expert-level artists willing to do absurds loads of hi-quality work for free, while you do nothing at all, then this thread will be ignored for obvious reasons.

Update your info detailing what will you do and maybe you will get better results.
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"Writing, Mapping, and Events will be done by me so do not worry about those,"

If you were to read then you would have caught this.

And yes I do know adding more info will get better results.
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Writing, mapping and things is a very vague description and too small in comparation ith the huge amounts of things you want.

You could get a better chance if you link to a working beta and if you drop the hostile behavior as well. After all, you came here to ask a favor.
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Again, this is a recruitment post, so anyone that wants to join needs to worry about their job and what they need to know about their job.

When I add more information to the post I can add what I will be doing.
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You need to read the project posting guides from >>40945 to prevent more complications here.
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