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File 135855608706.png - (347.15KB , 1218x968 , twi_render_02.png )
43658 No. 43658
Here is something I'm considering working on.

Two on two pony basketball, NBA jam style, with a very arcade gameplay, magic, tricks, and rainboom slamdunks.

Teams as I see them right now :
"Witchcrafts" (TwiPie) : teleportation
"Athlets" (AppleDash) : speed and jump
"Délicatesse" (RariShy) : interception and stun
"Amulets" (TrixCora) : clones, smoke
"Bros" (ShinyMacintosh) : blocking, stamina

Note that no pair has two pony of the same kind, and also that I don't think I'll ever want alicorns in this.

Not actually recruiting, just wanting to have your opinion on this.
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>> No. 43660
I'll just say I preffer Humanized over anthro.
>> No. 43662
2 secs, I find it is.
Forgive me.
>> No. 43663
I rarely hold grudges.

Joke aside, should elaborate on the style I've chosen, I'd say I have more or less decided to give them something between human anaotmy and "Panty and stocking" proportions.
>> No. 43715
File 135889723032.jpg - (138.64KB , 796x824 , changeling02.jpg )
Seems my stuff isn't very convincing (yet ?)

I get why the anthro thing would throw people off, but basketball is very dependant on bipedism, so I hoped I'd be forgiven.

Well, the project is well on rails anyway, I'll try and keep pushing further.
>> No. 43719
I like it how it looks
>> No. 43720
File 135893786302.png - (139.13KB , 800x800 , basketball.png )
Interesting idea.
2-2 with fixed teams, though I congratulate on the choice of them and making 2 ponies each, seems poorer than it could be, but I probably can't even imagine the work behind it.
>> No. 43729
File 135897726407.gif - (661.55KB , 800x600 , twi_run.gif )

Actually a good remark, as we have been questionning this particular design rule.

Multiple reasons have led us to make this choice :
-It would probably be easier to balance the players this way, rather than allowing the players to pick the same overpowered pair over and over
-It allows us to make interesting teams, which can add some color to the game
-It may allow for us to make "team powers" rather than individual skills for each pony

It is also possible that the possibility to dissociate the teams could lead to a deeper gameplay, since it would bring more combinations. We're still in the early stages of development, so it's not set in stone yet, and there is still room for discussion.

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>> No. 43775
File 135924502962.jpg - (142.40KB , 1504x1079 , barn02.jpg )
Barn raised, carrying on.
>> No. 43778
Racist barn, racist barn....
>> No. 43783
File 135932575398.png - (49.70KB , 178x295 , DrDoktor.png )

if you need a game tester I can do it granted it will be on my days off from work
>> No. 43793
File 135939913373.png - (1.29MB , 1920x1080 , labrats.png )
We're not quite here just yet, but that's good to know. We'll get back to you as soon as there's anything worth testing.

Anyway, splash screen. Went for a reference to the animaniacs rather than friendship is witchcraft. Not sure if good idea. It's only a name, though.
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