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File 135867206121.png - (30.75KB , 830x650 , PauliesPonyPose1.png )
43675 No. 43675
This is my OC and I was hoping somepony could make him into a Desktop Pony, his name is Thunder Blitz, he is slightly taller than the average pony height, and everything else is in the picture. Thank You.
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>> No. 43676
Failing to post in the correct topic: Check
Blatant request: Check
Asking for someone to do all the work for him: Check
No motivation for cooperation: Check
Made in a pony creator app: Highly likely
Chance of this working out: Extremely low
>> No. 43677
You could try recoloring DJ-PON3, since it's a recolor of it.
>> No. 43679
Posts in the wrong section happen. Anyways I messed something up with the exporting settings or some weird setting on my ImageReady, but I'll maybe give it a shot after I can figure out how to fix that.

In the meantime check out the desktop pony website here and this post here, It's got a little tutorial and templates and bases to help you get started making desktop ponies ^w^
>> No. 43685
Ok, someone here helped me with that ImageReady problem I was having :3 So, tell me a little more about this fine Gentlecolt. Does he smile often, or is he more serious? Is only his left ear clipped or both?

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