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Hi Ponychan! A friend of mine came up with a great idea: create a YouTube-like website solely for pony videos. Unfortunately, we don't know exactly what it takes to create it, and we need help. That's why we're coming here. If you're interested in working on this project, please post a comment or contact [email protected] (matthew.woida1 on Skype). Thank you.

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>> No. 43795
I can try to help.

I have minimal experience.
>> No. 43797
So, what is your budget? Video hosting is not cheap.

Do you have any experience working with video production? There is a lot of options in modern video codecs.

How about things like website development? Any experience with that? It takes a fair amount of skill to build a good backend, and then there is another amount of skill to build a nice looking frontend.
>> No. 43803
>use youtube as a backend

Well said, I agree.
>> No. 43842
This has garnered my interest. I can help out if needed.
>> No. 43848
File 135966839833.jpg - (79.03KB , 680x676 , Heavy+Pony+watches+you+sleep_+I+m+not+a+brony+but_3e1827_3888483.jpg )
do you plan on making money off this website, or is it just a project?
>> No. 44103
Knowing hasbro.

It probably should be non-profit, because hasbro would attack quickly.
Even if it's nonprofit there is danger imminent
>> No. 44132
File 136104455411.jpg - (161.04KB , 1280x853 , white flag.jpg )
This idea might have been less risky back in 2011, but nowadays, especially seeing Fighting is Magic receive a cease and desist order, I actually doubt this would legally be a good idea.
>> No. 44182
i think if you get hasbros permisision or something that states that they are ok with it then the project might be safe.
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