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Hi /collab/,
Currently I am part of a group who is in the process of building and distributing a game, with future possibility of becoming a full-fledged company. Currently, we are missing some key components for the creation of the game.
We have 1 Pixel Artist with minimal experience, so we are in need of a more experienced person to better assist us as well as possibly tutoring our current member.
Also wanted, but not needed, is a programmer with at least some experience in C++ and OpenGL.
We are making some headway without these components, but if there are any who fit these prerequisites please contact me through the email in the name field which is [email protected] for more details

Andrew Shaener
Lead Recruitment Officer
-SpiderBot Studios-
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Read the first post on this board regarding posting guidelines for requesting help.

Right now this thread is just another "Hey, this is what I want." and you will go nowhere like this.
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Well, you're half right. He has said he's a part of a team, which assumes that he and his team are currently working on it and just require more help. That's fine. Although it sounds similar, there's nothing saying that he's not doing any work on it, and that's what really annoys people (and the reason for the sticky).
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Let me give some more information on this.

We are indeed working on the game currently, we need additional assistance to ensure everything goes smoothly. We are using the SDL framework and OpenGL for graphics rendering. The game is a turn-based RPG game with the story revolving around 7 planets. We have a large portion of the world's story but are still working on how the player fits into it all. Due to lack of a proper pixel artist, the most we have visually is a simple test level with dev sprites. The engine is being built from the ground up by another programmer and I who have a combined total of 13 years experience. I understand how this is coming off topic is coming off but we are early into development as far as tangible content goes. Please post here or email me at my email in the email field if you have any additional questions regarding the topic.

Thank you,
Christian Little

Co-Founder, Spiderbot Studios
Lead Programmer
Project Lead
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Well that's cool! Best of luck finding an artist. I have experience with SDL and OpenGL, but my programming is done in C.
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Well, if you're interested in it, we can give you some details privately for you to make a decision. C is still rather close and we could work with it. Though if you were just commenting in regards to this that's fine too.

Also, as a side-note that I must have forgotten to state... We don't have funds for actual payment, as this is more of a start-up company situation. Though if you're willing to stay on until after we begin proper game sales we'll be able to.
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>We don't have funds for actual payment, as this is more of a start-up company situation. Though if you're willing to stay on until after we begin proper game sales we'll be able to.

Just to avoid future problems, that comment you made automatically excludes you from using Desktop Ponies pixel art on your game, as it's creators explicitely forbids the use of their pixel art and derivates if it's for commercial purposes.
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Thank you for pointing that out.
Unfortunately, that point is moot seeing as we're making our own pixel art, the main reason for looking for one such artist.
>> No. 43975
We are not making a pony based game, we would not need to use the Desktop Pony sprites either way.
>> No. 43977

This board is for pony-based projects only.

If you are recruiting members for a non-pony based project then you shouldn't be here as it's against the board's whole purpose and very unfair to other projects as well as you take away potential helpers from them.
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Now you guys are just being jerks. :/
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File 136034251952.png - (114.68KB , 430x494 , Sweetie Belle - Sweetie Ninja curtain.png )
Unfortunately, he's right. I'm sorry, but this board is for collaborative projects that in some way involve ponies. There are far better websites for this sort of thing.
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