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Has anyone not played Cave Story recently?

Version 1.0

It's just a sprite mod of Cave Story, not really different from the original game... except for Derpy.

There may be cut off text or a typo every now and then... I tried to get rid of them all, but you never know. If anyone finds anything, I can quickly fix it.
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>> No. 43790
File 135937834056.gif - (285.47KB , 1360x768 , CSDP.gif )
And soon some sprites ready for Desktop Ponies.
Because I like Desktop Ponies.

Desktop Background was by recycletiger, btw. The original image can be found here
>> No. 43809
File 135949131322.gif - (2.39KB , 36x36 , Studio Pixel Lyra SR.gif )
And here are 53 Cave Story Ponies for Desktop Ponies.
Just extract the CS Pony folders to your Desktop Ponies folder, or in the Ponies folder if you updated to 1.42+

Pack 1 v1.0
>> No. 43810
Awesome game, awesome mod and these DTP additions are absolutely adorable.
>> No. 43839
File 135963266441.jpg - (316.89KB , 640x480 , Title L.jpg )
Need more variety?

Version 1.0

Another sprite mod I made as a spinoff to Cave Derpy.

If you don't want to start a new game to play as Lyra, simply copy and paste your profile.dat in the Cave Derpy folder into the Cave Lyra folder. You can (should be able to) switch around as many times as you want.

Same dealie with Cave Derpy... if anyone finds cut off text, please let me know.
>> No. 43853
File 135967948019.gif - (194.73KB , 640x480 , Title B.gif )
Last one, I promise.

One more Pony to pick from!

Version 1.0

The second and last Spinoff I made for Cave Derpy.

Once again, you can choose your pony by copy pasting around your profile.dat. You should be able to no matter what point in the game you are but the Mimiga Mask segment is unique-ish for each pony. Think of it like a character select.

It's probably not a good idea to playthrough all 3 in a row... I think I've only done 4 playthroughs for Cave Story.
>> No. 43901
How about making a mod featuring Spike? Change almost all the sprites so they looks like ponies and turn Spike into the main hero.
>> No. 43908
File 135984092063.gif - (479B , 36x36 , Studio Pixel Spike SR.gif )
I don't think I'll be making another Cave Story mod any time soon... but Spike's gonna be in the CS Desktop Pony Pack 2 now.

...I dunno when I'll have Pack 2 done, though.
>> No. 43957
File 136012379255.gif - (1.10KB , 36x36 , Studio Pixel Apple Fritter WR.gif )
Pack 2 is here!

36 More Cave Story styled ponies for Desktop Ponies! That's 89 total combined with Pack 1. Enough to make your desktop chug a bit... ain't it great?

Pack 2 v1.1
-Apple Fritter's name was not supposed to be Fiddlesticks

Last edited at Wed, Feb 6th, 2013 06:15

>> No. 44159
File 136126546563.gif - (2.86KB , 72x72 , Studio Pixel Wonder Spitfire BFR.gif )
Just to make Gaben cry, here's Cave Story inspired Desktop Ponies Pack 3!

I'm also calling it the Derpy Pack. She has so many animations now, you can spawn loads of just Derpy.
Aside from that, 6 new Ponies.

Pack 3 v1.0
>> No. 44186
Awwww so cute i love it, thanks!
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