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Some of you might have heard of this website before. I started the project myself about a year ago, to provide an easy way to search for MLP: FiM wallpapers.

The site has grown enough for me to see that more people are needed to manage it, from adding new wallpapers, moderating submissions to coding the system. Even new ideas or suggestions are welcome, since I've designed most of the system myself with no feedback.

I've coded the system from scratch with PHP using MariaDB as database. The site is hosted on my dedicated server.

You can find the website at and the project management system at (which is open for anyone to see what my plans are).
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and bump.
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I'm a fan of your website and would like to help. But I'm already involved in multiple other projects (oh, and school) so I don't have a lot of time.
Depending on how much help you need (more accurate: how time-consuming it is) I may be able to help you out sometimes.
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Depends on what you do. If you add new wallpapers and/or retag, you can do it when you have time for it. Once you get the hang of it, adding or retagging one wallpaper takes less than a minute. (If there isn't 20+ characters in it)

Moderating submissions has to be done daily, since there most likely will be new submissions every day. The submission form can't be opened before is done though.

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i guess i can help retaging. I already spent time on taging images on mlfw out of boredom.
Next question: how can I do that? I guess you're talking about the pen icon next to each wallpaper?
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Hey, it's the guy from twitter.

As I said, I have a lot of free time, so it wouldn't be a problem for me to help out.
I don't know how to do coding, but I'm sure I can do anything else that needs doing.

I can of course go on and do tagging whenever I have nothing to do (which won't be a problem, because I have a lot of it.)
And I can moderate submissions as well.

I don't know when I'll be able to get back to you on whether or not I can get one of my friends to help though.
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I might be interested in helping. What exactly would you need me to do?

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I don't know much about coding, but I can help with adding new wallpapers and moderating submissions.
I'm also a big fan of your site and really enjoy using it.
>> No. 44156
I will also be willing to help if you still want some...
>> No. 44158
I'd love to help out in any way I can. Where do I sign up?
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