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Fighting is Magic is being shut down!

Help us and other bronies and pegasisters with this petition!
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>> No. 44015
Did my part, hope something actually happens.
>> No. 44016
>> No. 44018
Possible lesson/protip for pony game devs,
-Only release the game and everything related to it to the public in its final version in a race against CnDs
-in other words talk nothing about it until its actually complete, no blogs, no screenshots
-for bugs and revisions, a private group can be formed, and nothing would ever leak outside
>> No. 44028
So in other words... shut this whole part of the site down??
>> No. 44030
Discretionary and recommended really, if you want to be protected from any further legal action.

Though you can consider Ponychan as a private workplaces except you could anticipate a few things here and there hitting the mainstream.
>> No. 44043
You guys do know this petitions completely pointless right?
Hasbro never had a choice with C&Ding this project.
The fact that FiM had official characters/names and was being featured at evo(mainly this) threatened hasbros control of the brand.
Sure mane6 could easily change the names to more parody style names (painbow slash , snapplecrack, all awful) or colour changes and probably work out a deal with Hasbro....but that won't happen.

Why? Because mane6 don't want to work on this game anymore. That's why they took 2 years to not even make a finished product. That's why they wahaHA!ed out of the 8th spot in evo even though if they pushed themselves , they would,ve easily made the deadline. That's why 2 of the main members of it jumped ship as soon as the c&d was called.
This c&d was pretty much a godsend...any of their drive to make this was killed off by the leak.

Who can blame them, they promised 13 more characters too be released. This long too only make 5?

Tl:Dr : mane6 are a bunch of talented amateurs who bit off way too much and could've avoided this
>> No. 44051
I tend to disagree. You've seen how much effort they've put into this. Nobody can simply make an entire game overnight, and with the quality they put into it, I'm not surprised that it took this long to get it near completion (Especially as Fluttershy was just completed according to their site. With little more to do then simple balancing tweaks, it was just about to be out in full). It's quite obvious why they lost a little bit of motivation from the leaked version (which is a complete betrayal of trust), but they pushed through regardless. That takes strength and commitment to do, and I will not have you looking down on them when you would have likely done the same thing in their position.

Now, this is a highly looked for game, and not just for bronies. Even some of my non-brony friends were looking forward to it (and that's saying something if you were to know them). In fact, it was through this game that I convinced a friend to try the show (and although he was reluctant, seemed to enjoy it). With all this added brony culture, it's quite advantageous to Hasbro to keep it running as it only means more bronies that might buy their products both here in America and across the world. It's a win-win situation, and so I've supported the petition in the hope that people like you can see that there's more to this project than it appears.
>> No. 44064
Anyone sucesfully opened the FightingIsMagic.kgt in the editor ? I think it moleboxed or somethign because 2D FIGHTER MAKER 2K says that its imposible to open that file... which actually contains most of the code for the game...
>> No. 44069
>> No. 44070
They stopped making the game either when they released Twilight or Rarity & Pinkie at the same time. September 2011 and February 2012, respectively.
What exactly did they do between February and August other than mainly wasting time?
>> No. 44073
File 136077627598.jpg - (140.14KB , 894x894 , 132723239304.jpg )
>You guys do know this petitions completely pointless right?
>Hasbro never had a choice with C&Ding this project.

As somebody who may be in their position someday, it makes me sick to think I would have to do this against my will and that there could be nothing I could do to work with my fans to not persecute them.

At the least they could note somewhere (anywhere, word will get out) why they're doing it or what their view or situation is. If it's really a legitimate thing, people will be understanding.

Also, as far as people saying petitions never work, I almost didn't sign because of that. I slept on it, and realized this really doesn't sit well with me, so I thought about it and came to the conclusion I really only have 2 options: I can give up and say it's out of my hands, or I can try to convince Hasbro to reconsider.

As much as I would really love to speak with the people in charge or even sign on with Hasbro and help them make better choices (I genuinely believe this is shooting themselves in the foot, along with a couple other things like missing potential with products/merchandise), I doubt they would have or listen to me as I'm just some person on the internet without any kind of official accreditation.

So in the end, a petition is better than nothing. At least maybe somebody in Hasbro might glance at it and see a number 1 higher than what it would have been otherwise.
>> No. 44076
exactly if hasbro sees no response from something like this, they are going to think that "huh nobody cares, we can do whatever we want" if we do petitions even if we lose this time, they are going to think twice before doing this again
>> No. 44183
the petition alone might get hasbos attention but i think that not ony should there be a petition but how about some well written letters to hasbro about how sad we are about this

i mean do you think just a petition will work sure they will know how many of us want it but they wont know how much it makes us feel
>> No. 44199
What if there was a Kickstarter to officially get the MLP license? I know Mane6 don't want to take donations, but desperate times call for desperate measures.
>> No. 44201
Licenses aren't that simple. Hasbro isn't required to allow the license just because a bunch of money is waved in their faces. I'm fairly certain that if Mane6 felt it was a realistic option, they would have brought it up already.
>> No. 44266
mane6 are all finedevs, the leak was very polished.

Go check the Skullgirls DLC donation campaign.
They require two months and roughly $150,000 to make a single character.

Considering what they had done/was in the works is nothign short of amazing for something that was being done completely free.

I can't even get into detail about the rest of your points right now but you are dumb.

Too bad this petition will do nothing.
Hope Hasbro or whoever somehow allows this game to continue being made even if that means a paid for version on Steam/console distribution services.
>> No. 44303
Most 3d modelers I know come in 200 dollars range and they produce excellent quality works in under a month. Don't know why they can't do that?
>> No. 44310
Creating a single 3D model =/= Creating sprite for every single frame of animation a charcter performs
The cost also includes:
-Voice work
-Stage/song for the stage
And aside from the cost directly related to character/people that don't work for the studio little bit of the money is being used to pay the actual people working (so they can pay rent and eat food, etc.) on the game and they live in an expensive area and have already taken a cutback on paychecks.

So with all that in mind it was pretty impressive that FightingIM was being done as a hobby with no donations and was as polished as plenty of other retail fighting games.
Too bad it's gone and is now Galaxy Girls.
>> No. 44311
>Too bad it's gone and is now Galaxy Girls.

Imagine Lauren Faust manages to catch someone's eye with this Galaxy Girls fighting game and she gets to have it turned into an animated series.

All thanks to Hasbro being dicks.
>> No. 44343
Did you guys look in the comments section? It's going to be quadrapeds, Mane6 says just that. It just won't be ponies is all, as confirmed by Faust's Twitter. It won't be Galaxy Girls.
>> No. 44374
To unlock the game files and make them usable with the Fighter Maker editor, open each file with a hex editor. Protected files have 2DKGT2G and unprotected files have 2DKGT2K.
>> No. 44385
Editing protection at its finest.
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