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/mlp/ here, me and a couple of people have decided that since mane6 will probably never going to release the game, we should resurrect it !

It's time to set aside the differences for a moment and work together on a common project. We're going to use mane6's resources and copy the whole project.

We are only a few programmers so we will inevitably need artists, sound guys, maybe VAs and HUD artists.

This is still in planning and we are debating what engine/language to use. In the pic I've made a quick mainframe in XNA 4 and managed to implement a title screen and a basic stage. Background music works and AJ has movement and idle animation working.

If you can help in any way, contact us at [email protected]
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>> No. 44024
well first, we should at least see what happens with all this. As unlikely as it is, there IS a possibility it all works out.

But when that (more than likely) fails, we should do the following:

1) Maybe use G1 characters. I know most people would be upset about this, not liking G1` and all. But I also think that the Trademark/Copyright for G1 characters are outside of Hasbro's grasp. If this is correct, this COULD pretty much guarentee safty of the project.

2) Keep it under wraps. FiM propably got the axe because it garnered way more attention than was needed. So keeping it a hush hush type of this is probably going to increase the chances of the game sticking around.

3) We gotta try getting some of the Mane 6 people involved with this. They are the ones who know what they are doing more than anyone, so having them pon the team would GREATLY increase the quality of the work,

4) We must keep at the "Quality over All Else" attitude. This is what made the game so good: it was a quality fighting game first, and a pony game second.

So yeah. If we keep some of this in mind, we probably COULD get this shit done.
>> No. 44025
>We're going to use mane6's resources and copy the whole project.

That sounds incredibly selfish and a very lame excuse to take advantage of the situation.

Let the Mane 6 decide this instead. It's their work and it was them who spent months working on this, not you.
>> No. 44029
Jesus christ like not even 3 days have passed since that notice, and everyone is flipping out. We DO NOT KNOW IF FIGHTING IS MAGIC IS CANCELED YET, just that they got a cease and desist and are CURRENTLY TRYING TO CONTACT HASBRO ABOUT IT. I'm sure they're considering their options heavily, but the team has expressed many times that, whether they get a C&D or not, they won't stop until they're done with it, or grow bored with the project.

It sucks that they can't share more news about what's going on right now, but doing so would probably hurt whatever they have in store. We don't know if the project is "dead" yet. By next week we'll probably know for sure.

But here's what's not going to fuc king help; stealing their work and taking their project away from that. I'm sure they're honored that this fandom really appreciates the game, but Fighting is Magic is not "the bronies' game", it's the mane6's game. And you guys are being quite jack asses by doing this.
>> No. 44035

Even more, stealing their work and trying to pose as nice people doing something heroic.
Vultures, vultures everywhere.
>> No. 44036
File 136054427282.jpg - (7.42KB , 173x292 , goo.jpg )
I think this is a great idea. If it were me in mane6's position and I couldn't work on it anymore, I'd be psyched if someone else was taking it upon themselves to help out.

Just my opinion.
>> No. 44037

If you were in mane 6 and you had a swarm of vultures attempting to steal nearly 2 years of hard work, I think you would be anything but happy.

This entire thread is a bad idea anyways. Mods, are you Ok with people blatantly trying to steal other people's project or should this thread get locked out of respect for Mane 6's team?
>> No. 44039
File 136055127474.png - (67.36KB , 216x349 , 131084001984.png )
The OP was clearly talking about finding an engine, VAs, and many other things. It's obvious that they don't plan on using the entirety of Mane Six's resources; I find it very silly that they're not waiting for official word on the matter though. Frankly, I don't really know what to do besides frown disappointingly.
>> No. 44040

Locking the thread and waiting to see how things go for Mane6 would be prudent.
After all, OP openly said he wanted to use Mane6's resources.
>> No. 44041
We have currenlty this for use
Here is a summary it will be game with original creative commons CC-BY content and all code will be released under GPL and all software use will be under GPL license.
>> No. 44042
File 136056689734.png - (221.61KB , 392x412 , I, ah, uh.png )
After further contemplation, you're right. OP, please report this post asking for an unlock if and when Mane Six announces a failure to succeed in negotiations with Hasbro.
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