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This is a collar thread for OC head canons! So i have one idea on my mind, email me your OC, a d I'll try to make it considerably canon. To MLP that is...
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>> No. 44102
Possibly Wrong Board!
>> No. 44109
If it's a project to unify all OCs into a single universe that fits alongside the canon material then I would say it's the correct board.

What sort of format would we send our OCs to you? If we send a full story, some people blatantly go against canon so how will you make those fit? Or do we just send pictures and a brief description of their character?
>> No. 44110
Sounds more like another "Idea Guy" thread as it entirely depends of other people providing all of the material for him.
>> No. 44121
This doesn't appear to be the case actually. It sounds more like a trade actually. You give him your OC, he gives you a background story that ties your OC into the MLP universe in a canon-fitting way. It's not "idea man" at all as you're the only one truly recieving something (being a canonical backstory).
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