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So I got about 3 months before ACEN, and I have been constantly thinking up cosplay ideas whenever I can. One of them involves a possible fusion of 2 characters. I want to go for Shining Armor, but make him, say, more badass. I'm going to leave out certain details

Now I want to use/make a coat is much longer than the normal coat Shining Armor would use, which would be similar to a trench coat. Does anyone know of where I could get affordable trench coat patterns in the US? Furthermore, what material would work best?

Second thing, I'm trying to figure out where I can get a wig for Shining Armor's hair. Pure blue wig? Easy to find. Blue hair with a light blue skunk stripe/highlights? Trickier.

3rd, I want to give him a cape. I already thought of the color, but I'm not sure on how to keep it on my body. I'll use Fire Emblem and TTGL examples since there's so easy to google up and are great examples of the cape styles. For the cape, I plan to put a large Cutie Mark on the center of the cape.

i. Do it Ike style, just tie the ends together into a knot.
ii. Do it Eliwood style, where the cape seems to be worn almost like a super long headband
iii. Do it Marth style, and use a brooch/emblem to pin through the cape and hold it in place
iv. Do it Kamina style, popped collar cape + chains/string holding the cape tight
v. Do it Simon style, forget the cape, have trench coat style uniform have Shining Armor's Cutie Mark on the back

4th, how does one do Shining Armor's buttons on his uniform?

Anyway, that's all I want to ask for now, hopefully someone can lend some tips. This'll be my 1st MLP cosplay, and I wanna make it right.
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