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Hello! I just want some help with a production I plan to make. I would go to /fic/ but I thought /collab/ was a better pick. If I was incorrect I understand and will head there. Anyway, I'm making a play for my drama class and need some help on the lines. I would be ever so thankful if you help.
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>> No. 44410
I'll help out, email me your script if you want and I'll send you some critique or alternative lines. My email is [email protected]
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Sorry I don't trust email, I don't know why. Personally I think it's the fact that they don't enforce password protection scripts in standard programming. I just use the standard mailing system. Though that's just me. ^^
>> No. 44428
So is that a yes or a no to help?
>> No. 44440
I think he wants your help, but he wants to do it through snail mail instead of e-mail.
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File 136327536379.jpg - (6.84KB , 252x200 , laughingmares.jpg )
Oh, haha that might be a problem. (I'm in Europe for the next few months)

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>> No. 44442
>enforce password protection scripts in standard programming

Email is very secure, almost instant and mostly reliable. There is no reason for you to feel it is unsafe, 5 billion other people don't.
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File 136331164780.gif - (549.37KB , 274x364 , tumblr_m85k8550fG1r02k54o1_400.gif )
What I'm saying is most email sites don't have protection from random password generator decode software. unless you can find me an email that has a limited amount of log-ins, I won't create an email account. I don't mind it on stuff like this because no one knows who I am. On an email, I would have family and friends that some one could pose as me and effect my personal life.

Besides, my drama instructor was arrested and the project was cancelled.
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