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Suffice it to say, I have the MLP sprite sets but i lack, facesets for background ponies and the CMC, reaction facesets for the main six and background ponies, tilesets for main cities such as Canterlot, Ponyville, and pretty much every city in the damned world!XD

So this is where you all come in!

If you could scour the reaches of the net and find those tilesets and facesets(or make them) and drop me a link to the download I would be forever grateful! I've done my fair share of hunting and turned up empty!

Also for anyone interested: The demo of what's been done so far which is not much at all btw...
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>Suffice it to say, I have the MLP sprite sets

Please tell me you aren't using Desktop Ponies animations as "your" resources.

Yes, I saw that download link but I'm not going to download 250+ Mb just to see that.
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No I'm not using desktop ponies.
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0.4 released!

Bare in mind a few things with this update:

1. I forgot to change the starting point so you will end up in fluttershy's area first.

2. I never updated the opening map event so it will still read as 0.3 on the version name

3. added some new sprites and maps

4. Cookie to anyone who gets the reference in the everfree forest:P
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