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So yeah this is an RPG I'm working on atm in my spare time. I'm using RPG Maker VX and I'll be posting updates here and demos when i have the spare time.

>Features i have planned for the game:

>Side-view battle system with pony battler sprites.

>Cut scenes from the TV show will play out IN GAME at certain points in game.

>An interactive friendship system. (The higher your friendship level with that pony, the more powerful they become.)

>Tons of sidequests.

>A lot of Exploration which gives players plenty chances to find sidequests and rare monsters to fight.

>Secrets with great rewards hidden in them.

And anything else i can think of!

So gives this thread and watch and feel free to check back often^^
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File 136374893952.jpg - (137.23KB , 945x945 , 130651753626.jpg )
0.4 released!

Bare in mind a few things with this update:

1. I forgot to change the starting point so you will end up in fluttershy's area first.

2. I never updated the opening map event so it will still read as 0.3 on the version name

3. added some new sprites and maps

4. Cookie to anyone who gets the reference in the everfree forest:P
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Some game screencaps would help people to decide if they want to download this game or not.
>> No. 44478

As soon as i have anything screenshot worthy I will but atm this game is in major beta. I need a lot of things for this game including tilesets among other things!
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238mb? thats a little big
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File 138187238227.png - (74.08KB , 1079x802 , Screenshot 4.png )

It has come to my attention that I need a team. While I have been doing everything on my own thus far, I need to have others who are skilled in using RPG maker VX!

Positions that need filled:

>>Tileset artist:

Your job as a tileset artist will be to draw up tilesets for the game and format them so they can be used with SwapXT.

>>Map Designer:

Your job will be to design maps and dungeons that players will explore in game using the tilesets given.


Your job will be editing or creating scripts for the game. An advanced knowledge of RPG Maker VX's scripting language is required for this position.

>>Story writer:

Your job will be to create an story for players to read as they play the game. As a side note: I'm currently filling this position but I'm willing to work with others.

>>Story editor:

Your job will be to proof read the story that players will be reading as they play the game and fix any grammar/spelling errors that are found.


Your Job will be to create original musical tracks and sound tracks for the game. This can range from a simple sound effect to BGM.

Sprite designer:

Your job will be to create sprites which will be used in the game. Note that this will mostly be enemy monster sprites that you will be designing as most of the mane six and other character sprites have already been made and/or found.

I am looking for SERIOUS people for these positions. No taking 3-5 months to show little to no progress in your field. Yes I know this is a fan-game but this game will never become a full game if people don't take their positions seriously!

If you are interested in assisting me or filling one of these positions, please contact me here:
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It only seems big because the file host is slower than molasses. As it is, the game is only 230 Megabytes, or almost 23% of a Gigabyte. That is pretty darned small nowadays.

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