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Greeting, fellow idealogical bronies. I need your help. Very recently, when I listen to music or read a book, I always get ideas about making an animated video about it and how I see it. But I'm really not a good animator. This is where any of you come in. I will write if any of you can animate. Here are some books and albums I'm thinking about making a collaboration at:
Animal Farm
The Wall
Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Days Of Future Passed
In Search of The Lost Chord

If any of you would offer, I would be most thankful.
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It would appear nobody here is interested in animating for you here. I wish you luck, but I can't help you.
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I have the same thing. Vision, but no talent. Most of them come from brony songs though.
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There is a difference between asking people to work alongside you, and simply asking them to work for you.

Maybe you will have better luck elsewhere.
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