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Hey so for a while now iv been working in flash makeing little games,then i realized it would be awsome if i could make a mlp fan game but im still learning action 2.0 so it got kinda rough as a one man army so if you wanna make a pony flash game with me let me know. thanks!
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>> No. 44488
Actionscript 2.0 is obsolete.

Also, it helps if you specify what kind of help you want and what your project is.
>> No. 44489
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I know 2.0 is older but i like it more than the newer stuff i feel more comfortable im willing to change but i was saying thats what "Im" learning it does not need to be implemented into the project, the kind of help i need is people who have more experience with coding and some artists/designers would be nice too.I only had 1 year of practice and im still learning. as to what the project is thats why im looking for a team so we can all discuss a unique new fan game
>> No. 44494
You still need to show that you have something. People want to have some sense of what the project is before offering their time.
>> No. 44495
I'm a pixel artist and i have experience making 2d graphics for videogames, i always be glad to help any good brony project but it would be great know more details about what you have in mind and what are your skills, also a contact mail would be great
>> No. 44500
Your broken grammar and ignorance of how to handle the tools you have makes it very difficult to take this thread seriously.

You -literally- have nothing to show and still expect to convince people to work for you AND accept you as the project leader.
>> No. 44505

Yeah, "action 2.0" doesn't really fill me with pride. It's neither the newest version nor the correct name.
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