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Hello, I'm in process of writing a game engine, build on top of SFML ( ), written in C++, made for 2D games.
Well, it's more like a framework to make games on.

So far I have created 2 prototypes (both scrapped for the fact they were written really poorly), about ~7k lines of actual code each, newest try called Rarity ( rr ) is about ~900 lines of actual code at the moment and has the most basic functions implemented like window creation and management, sprites, resource vectors, etc.
Now working on virtual containers to make it better to manage the display, auto resizes of textures/text for making nice and auto-resizing interfaces.
All basic logic needed to program the games will be implemented inside the engine, so the actual knowledge of SFML (2.+) is not really required but will be helpful.
After version .5 I'll start working on setting up downloads for the source code, it'll be a source-only project, add one header and go!
Now it's just me coding it, with over a year of C++ coding in spare time and about 5 months of SFML coding, I haven't really created anything worth showing but still.

This engine, when it hits version 1 will be used in the creation of Pony Fantasy, a game crossover between the world of Poni and great RPG games like FF1/2 and FFTA.

For now I have only one person to help me with coding, and we use Dropbox instead of anything else to keep the files, it's easier to use, if you know some C++ and want to help, feel free to drop be a note on dA ( ) or in this thread!

Any questions?
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