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Hey Ponychan. After the disappointment of Double Rainboom and with the direction the fandom is heading towards as a whole it was decided we take action. The old argument 'If you can make something better why don't you?' still stings so we're going to take the sting out.

And so has begun working on our own board-collaboration on a future fan-episode that may manifest. A Fan-Episode done right, one not clutching onto memes or 'sowacky crossovers' for ideas and actually trying go achieve competent writing and animation. Right now we're mainly trying to hammer an idea together, and anything from animators to musicians to concept artist and conceptual editors in this early stage would be helpful.

The current discussion over it is being handled on, hashtagged '#do-or-deer.'

If you have anything to contribute and are interested please head over.
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>> No. 44545
How about animating the first chapter of hostile take over
In the next stable version of Synfig which should come after April 14.

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>> No. 44602
>Hey instead of doing that story based on what Lauren Faust wanted to do, do this one instead!!

...Yeah op, I wouldn't suggest coming to /collab/ anymore unless you want some desktop sprites made.
>> No. 44608

... I can do proofreading and grammar correction?
>> No. 44615
>wasnt this on /mlp/
>> No. 44617
I'd really love to see a fan episode without any cannon characters.
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File 136570817733.jpg - (274.98KB , 1024x992 , nocatneed.jpg )
ME :33
>> No. 44703
Is this going anywhere or not?
>> No. 44714
>> No. 44730
So, apparently, the folks behind this were indeed working this whole time:
>> No. 44734
Here are some vectors. . Download the fixed ones. They Still have to be fixed.

Last edited at Tue, Apr 23rd, 2013 18:00

>> No. 44741
Have you taught about collabling with mlp svg club
They have some trees you could use.
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File 137043901936.png - (173.14KB , 507x454 , heh heh.png )
Oh heh, and here I was telling someone this thread did not happen.


Ah well, I hope Do or Deer comes through, but I don't fully approve of all the restructuring that I'm hearing about.
I think for a colla the rules should be stated first and you stand by them.
Don't throw them out on a whim.
>> No. 45082
Restructuring? I heard that the entire project was stolen by a bunch of scumbags on Tumblr.
>> No. 45096
I remember saying that as well...

It was...
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