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File 136521451030.png - (924.06KB , 1680x1048 , sunandmoon_screenshot1.png )
44582 No. 44582
Me and an other guy are making a virtual version of the board game Sun and Moon by catspaw ( ) and we're looking for graphic artists for background(s) and GUI graphics.
Project page:
If you're interested please visit our forum:
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>> No. 44587
I love it! But there is a little chaos when every piece on the board. I think it's better if you use drum pieces. And why Pinkie the unicorn? And the earth pony look like Scootaloo
>> No. 44588
The pieces aren't meant to look like specific ponies of the show. For design questions ask KP-ShadowSquirrel who made them.
About the clutter: It could be possible to put symbols beneath the pieces or make a button to switch to a 2D view. Also it'll be possible to select between different sets of pieces. But in general I like to keep the figures like they are because I really like them.
>> No. 44605
Don't know if that's even allowed here.
>> No. 44718
File 136657882913.png - (1.38MB , 1920x1058 , screenshot.png )
There has been som updates going on. This is how the game currently looks.
>> No. 44719
File 136657940458.png - (8.74KB , 178x295 , DrDoktorLurking.png )
you know if you give me the time I could fabricate a PHYSICAL version of this
>> No. 44720
Soooo... How's the AI?
>> No. 44733
AI haven't been implemented yet. However I have download a chess engine and eventually I'll try to see if it can be applied or tweak. However is not a priority for the moment
>> No. 44762
Not implemented yet. But I'm planning on implementing the minimax algorithm with heuristics created from previous games.
It might also be used in human vs human matches to control the music.
>> No. 44784
But then you need friends to play with!
And I can't cut out the pieces xD
>> No. 44785
File 136717941908.png - (8.74KB , 178x295 , DrDoktorLurking.png )

I would be fabricating EVERYTHING needed all YOU would need is a friend and in return is money to cover it all
>> No. 44789
That's where things get to iffy territory legally, as you can;' make any money off of someone else's copyright material and would therefore only be able to receive as much money as you paid to make it.
>> No. 44793
you should really optimize this game, i can't even move a pawn ffs!
>> No. 44797
also make the board wider or pawns smaller.
(i have same problem with paper version of this , my pawns are way too big for the fields :D)
>> No. 44804
Don't worry! You'll be able to switch all effects of and use a low-poly set of pieces!
>> No. 44830
There's definitely something wrong here as the program blackscreens on me, leaving only the music playing in the blackness. Has this happened to anyone else, or is there something I haven't done yet to get it to work?
>> No. 44847
did you unzip all the files? Does your computer have a GPU? Are using the Windows or Linux version?
I can't reproduce the error here, sorry!
Can you open it via terminal and post the output?
>> No. 44851
File 136803466384.png - (93.31KB , 670x553 , Sun&Moon.png )
Yes, I unzipped all the files (and am smart enough to expect failure for not doing so).

I have an Intel HD graphics card with 1696 MB of memory running at a 1600x900 32 bit resolution at 60hz. I'm not sure quite how good that is overall, but I'm hoping you can figure out any problems specifically from that.

This is the Windows 32 bit version, as I'm running it on Windows 7 x64 (and I'm only using the 32 bit version because the 64 bit version registers as corrupted and refuses to extract regardless of what I do).

As a final thing, I ran it via the command line, although I can't copy the text from it so I've taken a screenshot of the command window instead (blocking off my username). It froze when it encountered the line "error Totblock: 23". The rest of the lines appeared when I used Esc to exit the frozen program after waiting about 5 minutes for it to work. At least it had pretty music, so the sound works fine.

Edit: Do you have to install Blender or anything else to have it work? If so, that's the problem right there.

Edit2: Nope. Installing Blender didn't fix it.

Last edited at Thu, May 9th, 2013 11:13

>> No. 44866
Sorry for letting you wait! That's a really strange error...
The two error lines in the output appear because of unfinished code and don't effect the game. So actually there's nothing unusual in the console.
You don't have to install Blender to make it work. The engine is included in the executable file.
The fact that you can exit the game with esc means that all scripts are running normally. It must be a graphic problem.
Your GPU should be fine. You might try updating the drivers.
I heard from another person that the 32 bit version isn't working on his 64 bit machine (that confuses the hell out of me) so you might try extracting the 64 bit version with a different program like WinRAR or FreeArc.
>> No. 44871
Better a late reply than no reply at all. I'll have to see if 7Zip can get it to open where Windows can't. I mean, it's a zip file. It shouldn't be too hard to open.

Edit: 7Zip doesn't work either, saying that it's likewise corrupted. I did retry Windows in another attempt to unzip it, and it says the archive is empty. I though it odd for a bit, until I noticed that the 64 bit version is only 308.9 kB, far smaller than the 42.7 MB version for the 32 bit release. There's something wrong with the 64 bit release for sure with that kind of screwy filesize.

Last edited at Sat, May 11th, 2013 07:25

>> No. 44883
Now I look like a complete idiot. You're right! The file on the server is corrupted. I was sure I checked the file after uploading but you don't have a reason to believe me. I'm so sorry for that!
I re-uploaded the file and made sure it's working.
I still have no clue what's wrong with the 32 bit version though. It's working on all of my computers.
>> No. 44890
Thanks for bearing through me with this, although even the 64 bit version results in a black screen on my computer while the music plays on. It's odd to say the least, and I'm starting to feel like a bother trying to find out just what the problem is, even though it's the exact same problem as the 32 bit version (and honestly, it sounds like either something is missing from the package or I need something installed that the program requires to run).

This does lead me to a question: Do you need anything installed to allow the program to run? Any kind of dependencies at all?

Last edited at Sun, May 12th, 2013 13:09

>> No. 44891
Have you tried updating your GPU driver? It sounds like your GPU just can't display the graphics. In that case I can't do anything. It needs to support the newest version of OpenGL.
Every other problem I can think of would cause a message in the console.
>> No. 44894
Well, I'm a bit uncertain on how I'd update said drivers. I guess it's time to hit up Google to figure it out. Or get my friend over to help. He's rather well-versed with computers, and I'll be hoping he can figure out any problems in terms of drivers.

Last edited at Sun, May 12th, 2013 19:29

>> No. 44896
You can find the drivers at Intels download center Select the version you need, download and install the driver.
According to the specifications of your GPU the game should work fine (I can't try it)
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