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44590 No. 44590
/mlp/ : Fighting Is Magic Pre-Release 6

Hello ponychan !
This mod has been started on /mlp/ (4chan), but I thought you'd also be interested.
This project has been running since, a week after mane6 got the C&D.
Any help would be appreciated, but we mostly need sprite at the moment to animate Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, please send a mail if you think you can help.
We're still working on the old engine FM2K, but we may switch to SG's engine at some point.
Feel free to make any suggestion or report bugs by mail or in the Google Doc :

Features :
- 2 New charaters : Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy (basic animations)
- Training mode (easy) : 2 rounds against each character's AI
- Story mode (hard) : Currently a fight against two AI at the same time, while we're making the storyline.
- Local PVP mode
- Online PVP mode, with MTSP
- 5 new stages, Fluttershy's Cottage, Sugarcube Corner, Ponyville Park, Canterlot Night and Ponyville Park
- Additional pack of stages by
- No rebalancing, this is vanilla gameplay.

Changelog :
- I'm working on it again !
- New animations for RD (NOT cleaned and a bit laggy) : Walk forward/backward, Jump/Super jump/Dash backward.
- Fixed bug were sound from menu and battle would not stop playing.
- Fixed various bugs that could crash the game.
- MTSP is now included in the game archive. It connect to by default
- Is it an early version of the mod on EQD ?

Download game (255MB) :

Additional pack of stages by (81.1MB) :
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>> No. 44591
We get a C&D and what's the next thing we do? We ignore it! Sure! Good luck with that xD
>> No. 44592
But ponies are what made this game special in the first place, just look at the threads, people want ponies.
And we're bringing them back.
Mane6 can't do it becasue of the C&D, but we can.
We're (almost) anonymous, Hasbro can't say anything.

Last edited at Sun, Apr 7th, 2013 09:56

>> No. 44594
This is where you're wrong. Just because you're anonymous doesn't mean you can't be shut down. They shut it down once, and they'll do it again if you're not careful.

All I can say is that you better not get Mane6 into any trouble, or there'll be hell to pay from bronies everywhere.
>> No. 44596
File 136536587354.jpg - (28.87KB , 350x448 , 134505540861.jpg )
They can't get Mane 6 in trouble. It's Hasbro's fault for not requesting a C&D immediately, and since no releases were made since the C&D, and since this is based off an older release, Mane6 isn't responsible. I wouldn't worry.
>> No. 44598

This kinda stuff makes me sick.
>> No. 44601
How do you download from file dropper?
>> No. 44609
That's something I can't figure out, as the link provided goes to the homepage and not to the download.
>> No. 44614
we need this game not just for fun but to show that hasbro cant stop us no matter what

on an unrelated note hasbro has C&D a good friend of mine he goes by the name darkrai well he made something pony related ( idk but i think it was buttons or a medalon) it had a kickstarter thing thankfully though they got all the money they need before C&D so the buyers still got there pony merch
>> No. 44637
Do you need/want any voice-overs for this project. I suppose you could rip sound bites from the show but that would likely make you more of a target for Hasbro's legal team...
>> No. 44737
also if you can find him on facebook hes a major hacker he can problably help you
>> No. 44787
I don't think Hasrbo, a multi-million dollar company with dozens of franchises, is going to really give a shit if someone makes... hell, 60 fighting is magic knockoffs.
>> No. 44788
And that is where you're mistaken. It changes their copyrighted characters into something beyond their control, and in turn can lose them their copyrights entirely (meaning that any little knockoff can use their designs however they please). It's no crime to protect their copyrights, hence why they took down the original.
>> No. 44792
What about all the pony porn? Does this not become the same situation?
>> No. 44825
One could make that argument, and I highly doubt that Hasbro hasn't seen any of the massive porn sites with their ponies front and center. However, in the case of porn, it's made by so many individual artists that it's simply impossible to stop it all. The most they could do is shut down people one by one, and I'm sure Hasbro isn't willing to spend the time and effort of stopping so many people, even if they're screwing them over. If all pony porn artists had a specific site dedicated to nothing but their work, that could be shut down with ease, but that's about as much as they could do, as getting the individuals over it is costly in terms of time and money to deal with.
>> No. 44865
Actually I've seen a rumor from not too long ago that they might go after the sites that concentrated it, particularly the ones with pedo crap, and prosecuting the main problematic types. Not 100% sure on it, but it's a possibility.

Looks particularly likely since they've been getting bold making books for sale and stuff, it's easier to fire a C&D at them and pinpoint exactly who to target.

Also finding sources of pics on the internet is way easier than trcaking a game to the source, and considering how a lot of the porn can be construed as a way to harm the images of characters, sounds more likely and worth the legal trouble to kick the right asses.
>> No. 44955
File 136902557377.jpg - (32.62KB , 400x288 , 73341 - artist mysticalpha bump fluttershy twilight_sparkle.jpg )
This thread must not die!
>> No. 44964
Are you an animator that would like to help finish Fighting is Magic? This might be up your alley. Go ahead and take a look.
>> No. 44985
Just a quick update, Rainbow Dash is almost finished (thanks to IWannabrawl). Pre-release 7.2 is available on the doc (
Next update will probably fix/add a lot more stuff but won't be out before June.
>> No. 44988
Time leads to quality. Take your time, we'll all be patient. Also keep up the good work, it makes me happy to know someone wants to finish what was started =)
>> No. 44990
I honestly can't feel good about these kinds of things when they potentially endanger the work that the Mane6 team has been doing in building an original IP for their game. Heck, from what I gather, the gameplay itself is staying much the same, but now on a better engine with new characters and settings.

At best, the 'remakes' seem to simply be modifying materials that were not meant to be leaked for the sake of ponies. At worst I worry that they pose a legal liability to the original development team seeing as how there's no way to prove that Mane6 is not at all affiliated with the mod projects beyond the fact that their leaked content is being used as the basis.

I was pretty bummed about the fact that a lot of the great materials for this game (particularly the music) would not be featured in a finished project, but using the art, music, voices, animation, etc. to 'rebuild' the game post-C&D, sans any kind of approval or recognition that it won't be a big problem for others, seems somewhat dirty to me. If you're managing to learn about FM2K in the process, understand what made Fighting is Magic fun as a fighting game based on the show, can manage to avoid legal complications, and are still dead set on making a fighting game that features the characters of MLP, why not actually build a new game? The time investment for developing your own features rather than repurposing those available would be great, but in the end it would also produce something both independent and incapable of bringing harm to the original development team of Fighting is Magic.

/end long rant
>> No. 44993
Music doesn't break the trademark. It's completely owned by the mane6.

Just because it uses a few bars from Ingram doesn't mean Ingram can claim it.

If that were the case, alot of the music industry would be destroying itself in world wide law suit wars.
>> No. 44995
true, but the music is tied to the characters (ie developed to fit specific characters and reference songs from mlp), which is why the same tracks won't be used for Mane6's new title. Good that you can still find and download the songs for listening though. I'm glad that RC88 and Whitetail are still on board in the music department.
>> No. 44996
I understand your worry and feelings, but I think you need to look at it from a different point of view. When this game was first announced, many were HEAVILY looking forward to it; just think, a Street Fighter style pony brawler. Then the C&D came and thousands of expectant bronies were crushed. Personally I went nuts and began planning to rebuild it for myself in the future, because I wanted it so bad. Then this mod comes along looking to finish what was started, and a number of bronies rejoice.
What I'm trying to get at is that a lot of effort was put into this and it would be a shame to have it all go to waste. Finishing what was started might be a truly great thing. Haven't you ever looked forward to a game coming out only to have it canceled on you, and you can't do anything about it?
This time, a group of modders can finally do something
>> No. 44997
Heck yeah I've looked forward to games that have not been. I was among those hyped for Starcraft: Ghost, of all things (still a bit peeved that there's no interest in bringing the concept back into consideration), and Star Wars: Battlefront 3. I followed Fighting is Magic ever since seeing the initial pre-alpha applejack vs. applejack concept video on Youtube. Initially, it was awesome simply because someone was putting work into making a standalone mlp fighting game. As the project continued, it also became clear that the devteam knows how to make a solid fighting game that was fun and accessible in addition to containing characters from a show that I enjoy.

When Mane6 received a C&D it was a pretty crushing feeling for everyone looking forward to the game. However, the team is now able to finish what they started using what they've already learned about game building. The fact that their new title won't use any mlp-material has not lessened my interest in the game, especially since they are now working on developing a new world with new characters to play as, with the help of Lauren Faust.

As for the 'mods,' I still do not understand why Mane6's resources are being used to complete them. Yes, it's disappointing for so much hard work to be left unfinished, but I would think it much better to simply make the game from the ground up. A fighting game with ponies is still a fun idea, if it can be executed as well and as in-character as Mane6 have shown it being done. But this business of making off with leaked resources to 'rebuild' a game that, upon release, could very well incite legal repercussions against some good people all leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I'd rather see a pony fighter that can be known as fun and standalone rather than one that is potentially known for ruining the new project (and future projects) of the original developers, not to mention the other problems such legal hassles can bring to one's livelihood.
>> No. 45056
Now with a real (well, at least I tried) storyline, and an much more clean and improved game/engine overall.
Also ~all the bugs from the EVO leak have been fixed (merged with [Derp]'s build).
And lots of new small things (new launcher, new palettes, new AIs, ...)

Features :
- Fixed most of the EVO leak’s bugs and infinites (from [Derp]'s build)
- 1 new character : Rainbow Dash (and a Fluttershy placeholder) (from IWannaBrawl's build)
- Training mode (easy) : 2 rounds against each characters, no game over.
- Story mode (hard) : Fight in Discord's Tournament to save Equestria !
- Local and online VS mode
- 8 quality stages, 1 per planned character
- New color palettes for each characters
- A custom FM2K engine and launcher with help and movesets in the menu
- Easy to install : Just launch "Multiplayer.exe" or “Fighting is Magic.exe” to play
- ‘Underground’ : We don’t fear Hasbro’s C&Ds

Download (297 MB) :

I don't mean to 'bring harm' to Mane6, in case of problem both Mane6 and us will claim that we are not related in any way, and the presumption of innocence will hopefully protect them.
We're still far from another C&D though, we're not gonna be in EVO this time.

I just really like this game and I won't let it die.
>> No. 45070
> I just really like this game and won't let it die
You sir, are just awesome. Keep it up =)
>> No. 45071
Hope you know this isn't really a competitive fighting game anymore. There's too much done to it to make it competitive. It's been fluffed up so much that it's actually turned out worse. Iwanabrawl's and Derp's build were good because they kept (mostly) the original idea that this was a combo fighter in the game. Derp's fixed the teching, corner bugs, and a few other things while still letting it have a few combos. (Noted that it's extremely limited combos, but it was still somewhat fun) Brawl's build improved a few things such as the palette problem and added a good wholesome RD into the mix. RD even had some good playability. Both of these played fast and took a bit of skill to win matches in the higher end of play. This build of the game...... Ehhh.... It's so slow that you can barely link button presses together. There aren't that many links to other attacks you can do. Most of the follow-ups during combos that used to work before are now gone. Some of the normals barely even link. I can't even play it offline without getting annoyed by how slow it is. Now I'm not gonna rag on about how bad it is. There are some good features to it. Like the extra stages, Menu music, RD being there (Although she's barely playable), and some other things here and there. But overall this is more a "I can play as X pony" game instead of a fighting game. Nothing more.... well... nothing more at all. I would like to see this prosper as a fighting game, but right now it's not looking that way. Good work on what's been done though.
>> No. 45072
The speed is just a setting, the default is 10, that's what mane6 used, but you can change it. Launch the game and go in menu Options->Game Settings and there is a speed slider, lower numbers means faster game.

As for the movesets/playability being different, the movesets/timings/links ARE [Derp] and IWB's ones. I know that I suck at balancing and character design that's why it didn't even tried to change it myself.
I literraly copy-pasted [Derp]'s mane4 and slapped my scripts on top.

What I did was adding everything else, a (cheesy) storyline, improved engine, new stages, better AIs, ... and merging the builds.
I agree that RD is not ballanced with [Derp]'s mane4, I'll improve her AI then maybe nerf her a bit if no one else is doing it.
Thanks for the feedback anyway, I appreciate it.

Thanks, have fun !

tl;dr: Speed is a setting. Gameplay is [Derp]'s and IWB's not really mine.

Also I made a patch if multiplayer is not working (missing DLL) :
>> No. 45073
Join the Fighting is Magic forum here and join in the fun. There are posts on all of the builds of Fighting is Magic, including this one. There are combos, other pony games, a radio station, art, and all kinds of stuff.

Besides, you're already connecting to its server address anyway:

And if you feel like checking out the full site, go to
>> No. 45123
I'm glad you guys are working on it still. See you at the Final Release.
>> No. 45293
How's the work progressing?
>> No. 46345
File 139318393417.jpg - (11.27KB , 360x240 , spongebob.jpg )
Just gonna set this here.
>> No. 46614
So, I saw this and was way curious. A click and few reads later, this question popped into my head: how does this build compare to the Tribute Edition released a bit ago? I have that on my computer right now, and play it on occasion, and I'm mostly just curious if anyone knows what the differences between the two are. Here's a link:
Hmm...I just had a thought. Are these two the one and the same? Anyways, if anyone knows, I'd be thrilled if they let me know. :D
>> No. 46657
No. Lauren Faust is helping Mane6 create new characters for a new version of the game.

Fighting is Magic: Tribute edition is created by others who look the source (or something) and developed the game themselves, and now have released it quite anonymously.
>> No. 46741
There is actually a whole other team working on the game here
>> No. 47544
File 142670973505.png - (103.13KB , 600x455 , spoiler.png )
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