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File 136551964281.doc - (19.50KB , Audition document.doc )
44610 No. 44610
Author authorised audio adaption of .E.D. featured fanfiction, "Whom The Princesses Would Destroy".

Deadline: 8th June 2013. Submission format: .mp3.
If auditioning for non canon parts please attempt a realistic British accent.

See attached document for full details.
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>> No. 44949
Any specific lines/number of lines that you want to hear?
>> No. 44950
Any specific lines/number of lines that you want to hear?
>> No. 44951
>asking for british accents when the accent is actually transatlantic

British accents range from cockney to kentish to paddy to irish. I can just see how much paraspriting you'd get if you posted this anywhere where you would get alot of attention. And your document doesn't have the information the VAs need.

You can't just assume everyone has the time to read the fiction or know about it. You need to write character bios, voice type requests, story role significance, scheduling details, filename specification, conditions for passing audition, conditions for failing your judging process.


I personally cannot take this seriously unless you treat your auditionees seriously. A collab is a quid pro quo process. And experienced collaborators can spot a self glorifier from a mile away.

A "Dusk's dawn" project from a "Snowdrop"

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>> No. 44957
I'd like to audition, but the document you gave is very vague. There is only one line for each character, and none of them are labeled as male or female. I see a lot of OCs, so it's kind of impossible without actually reading the fic to know what gender the characters are.

I know personally, when I audition for a role, I don't normally read the story associated with it, as it takes enough of my time recording and doing multiple takes and then editing my lines for my own character. I'm sure you'd get more auditions if you gave more details.
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