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File 136683607046.png - (2.24MB , 2000x1918 , shipping chart easter 2012.png )
44739 No. 44739
The time has come to update the shipping chart.

I've been gathering the data for these for two years, and it's been a year since the last edition. Since I'm good with numbers but have no artistic talents whatsoever, I ask for help. Posting here too since /art/ is not very helpful yet.

The last chart, made by CiscoQL, is shown as the picture. He did a good job, but it's hard to fit in 72 characters and a crazy amount of ships on a single image. Since then, the number of characters has gone from 72 to 127 and the number of ships has gotten even crazier. I'm not sure if the new data can be made to fit in a single chart and not be a total clusterfuck.

If somepony feels they can make this chart and have it look good, then that's great. But either way I wanted to compile the data into more useful graphs. I'm a somewhat competent programmer, so I made a program to analyse the data and put it in fun tables - like listing the most common ships of the gayest characters.

But right now this is only a drab text document with a few tables. Nopony wants to read that, and that's where I'm asking for help. I'm asking for two things:
(1) Advice on what tables of information could be extracted from my data (from anypony).
(2) To make a chart and/or make the document visually interesting (preferably no more than one person at one thing).

Who feels up to the challenge?


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>> No. 44748
Try to untangle the chart. Looking at the old image you can easily spot some easy spots to clean up. Position characters so that the lines don't get needlessly long and doesn't cross for no good reason.
>> No. 44751
Well yes, it's possible to place characters more optimally. I tried grouping the characters by placing them in groups where all are in the same group as their most shipped character: but that's not very useful. Midnight Star calculated the degree of each character (number of lines from them) and what character could be placed in a separate graph: and that might be more helpful.

The graph is obviously nonplanar, meaning lines need to cross. My point is that I can give any mathematical analysis of chart you ask for, but it won't help if nopony is willing to actually draw something.
>> No. 44769
File 136704765614.jpg - (27.96KB , 454x396 , ponynet.jpg )
Try loading and manipulating the weighted graph in gephi:
It has an SVG export feature.
>> No. 44774
File 136707663947.png - (193.61KB , 782x803 , graph test.png )
Wow, great tip. I got the data loaded, and this is the best result I've gotten so far: >pic

So basically, still kind of a clusterfuck. It's usable in the gephi editor, since you can hover over a node and see the connections. If you could only have that without having to download gephi...
>> No. 44775
File 136707688238.png - (419.74KB , 1024x1024 , Graph.png )
Also, for some reason when I export it it looks like this, totally unusable.
>> No. 44791
File 136725571224.png - (358.57KB , 1024x1024 , Untitled.png )
I worked on it a bit, here's how it looks right now.

The best thing would really be an interactive flash thingie. I would be able to provide any code for that if someone more used to flash could make the front end of the application. Anyone willing to try?
>> No. 45536
File 137582749073.png - (1.04MB , 1215x2546 , shipping-chart-export-small.png )
I scraped data from and assembled my own shipping chart at

I think putting the data into a grid and using only the most popular ships makes it a lot more understandable.
>> No. 45559
Where are most of the other mane 6?Doctor,Lyra,Bonbon and no Derpy?
There are at least 30 popular characters.
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