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Hi, boyindahaus here. I'm the mod of , and I'm here to ask some suggestions for a project of mine: A crossover of My Little Pony and Super Robot Wars.

The gameplay will be based on the latter, a turn-based tactics genre, with the main focus on the animations of battle scenes. You can search examples in YouTube.

The story will, of course, be based on MLP. Unfortunately, a friend reminded me of the C&D received by the Mane6, so I'm guessing I'll start with OCs and their storylines.

I'm currently making a no-art demo. I started at early April and still making my way through, since I'm also busy tending the blog and teaching some duds high school Maths stuff or something. At this point I've only been able to finish the movement and the attack menu display; I've yet to figure out how to do the battle animations.

I want to ask for suggestions regarding what to do for battle animations, since this is one of the main selling points for a game of this nature. (Not that I'm really selling it.) I'm hoping that some of the programmers here with experience can help give me a helpful insight.

So guys have any idea on how to program battle animations? Any other suggestions are also welcome!
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